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  1. I have been thinking about an 08+ cbr1000rr. I have a 2001 cbr 600 f4i right now which i like and has nice ergos. Ive hear that a 600 is more fun to bang through the gears and use closer to its potential, but Ive also hear that a liter is better for the street and that the previous resoning is BS. Anyone on here ever go through this dillema, or have any insight? The f4i is my fist bike btw and this is my third year with her. What do you guys think?
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  3. i had a 600rr and loved it, but i wanted more power. the litre bike is cool for things like passing cars without having to downshift, or the power wheelies in 2nd and 3rd gear. but other than that 600's are just as awesome. But obviously a thou is faster, in a straight line...rider dependent.

    do it just to say you have, you can always go back
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    Better listen to "The Man;" On the more serious side, I'm getting used to my R1 and enjoying the benefits of the effortless power. (came real close to trading down in the beginning) My VFR 800 did OK but had to always drop a couple gears to get her spinning. Twist the throttle on the R1 above 5k, even in 6th and hang on. What is really special is 9,500 to 13,500; It's like a drug, and I'm hooked. I really wouldn't be happy going back now. Just be careful until you become acquainted, or you may be, up close and personal with the tarmack...AJ

  5. Im kind of afraid to lose the f4i in case i do want to "go back". Its got suspension sprung for my weight, pc3, exhaust, asv shorty's, fender eliminator, flushmounts etc. also maintained perfectly. Should I trade it with cash for a 1k or wait til i can afford both? I'm sure someone has put a lot into a .6 and gave it up for a liter i wonder if ill regret it. If it matters I like to ride hard and hit twisties, but also commute whenever i can.

    Short version: Put alot into my 6, dont wanna give it up and regret it. Is a 1k more fun for the street or just more practical for passing etc?

    also is it alot easier to crash in the twisties with a 1k or is it an easy adjustment?
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  6. sell the f4i and get a cbr 954rr, you will thank me!
  7. Get the liter and use your 600 for a track bike. Best of both worlds.
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    Having owned an 08 CBR, it is great for the street, but you'll never get out of 2nd gear. Go do a track day and see what guys on 600's can do compared to the guys who thought they needed a 1000. Your 600 is way more capable than you know.
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    This man speaks the truth.
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    1. kKk

    a 1k will have a lot more there when you twist your wrist so in that regard it is easier to crash one. specially if you lack good throttle control.

    the 600 is definitely a better commuter just based on the ergos. given the option to commute on my 1k or my drz i will take the drz 9 times out of 10 cuz the ergos are better and i can pass on the sidewalk but mostly cuz of ergos...

    as for which is better in the twisties thats all up to the rider in my opinion.

    bottom line if you still like the 600 keep it. if you need a change get the 1k. they're both fantastic bikes.

  11. Your F4i probably has one of the best ergos for street use - great bike. Personally I would like a 600 for the track and litre for the street. The only reason why I like a litre on the street is because you have more torque to play with which means less shifting required to pass or get around people, etc. I really cannot say enough good things about my '09 CBR1k and I use it for both duties.

  12. Same sentiments. Had an 08 as well and most rides I generally just stuck it in second or third gear and never had to change from that point on. It was, and still is an awesome bike, but i had more fun riding my old RVF400 on the street. Hell, probably would have more fun on that RVF on the track too if I hadn't sold it stupidly.
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    Had a ZX10 as a track bike and rode it on the street from time to time and even though the power is a lot of fun, I traded for a ZX6. Not as fun on PIR's 3/4 mile straight, but it handles quite a bit better than the ol' 10.
  14. +1

    Never out of 2nd gear. I guess it's "cool" to ride a liter bike, but hell, even a 2006+ 600cc bike will have gobs more power than your F4i. I like slaying corners and even TRYING to use the power of my 600 rather than having something with so much power I can't even begin to use it. Depends how you ride as to what you'll like.
  15. I dont know about gobs more power. maybe 10 hp. the times looks about the same on the4 f4i's and the newer rr's but i think after hearing everything that i will stick with the 6 for now and get a liter when i can have both:mrgreen:
  16. good choice
  17. "getting out of 2nd gear" all depends on how its geared. Stock gearing on any bike is ridiculous for the street.

    Buy my 2011 ZX10r, its in the classifieds!
  18. Like others have mentioned on here, learn to use and abuse your 600 before stepping up to a 1k.
  19. I have been riding since the late 80's off and on, and I personally have never seen the need for a 1000. The only bike I've owned bigger than 599cc was a Ninja 650. To each their own. That may change when when sport bike ergos become to painful, but I can say without a doubt that I'll never own a liter sport bike. Your F4i has the best of all worlds IMO. Bulletproof motor, comfortable ergos, and can handle whatever is thrown at it when the road starts to twist. Good luck.
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