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God damn you turn 4

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by anthonycbr, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. ha ha.. you ok?

    Nice vid.
  2. Hope you are ok.
    Do you know what you did wrong?
  3. almost high-sided?

    I like the crickets.
  4. Hey, that's where I went down, too. Turn 4 Customs did a helluva job on my CBR, hope they didn't touch yours quite as much.
  5. Wasn't that actually a high-side?

    :secret: Glad you're OK Dude.
  6. Throttle control, eh?

    Anthony, I hope you're ok.

    Bummer about the get off....
  7. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year


    The title of this thread should be "God Dam you right hand":mrgreen:
  8. oooh sounded like it broke loose and idk chopped the throttle a bit? just sayin, started out great, hope all is ok and not a $$$ getoff
  9. That's exactly it just grabbed a little bit to much throttle and when the rear wheel broke loose I freaked out and dumped the throttle
  10. Ha. That's me yelling if he needs a medic/ambulance... :tard:

    Glad that you are okay. How bad is the bike?

    It's kinda interesting to see how quick the response to the crash was. From when you went down to when the crash truck came, it was just over 3 minutes. Not bad considering you were about as far away from the pits as you can be at PR.

    It's also kinda sad to see the camera just roll along the ground but keep on recording all the action going on around you. Very "Cloverfield-esque"... crackup:
  11. that crash truck is pimp yo!
  12. :werd

    Daryl is a madman genius. He's also the guy who designed/built the lean machine that we use. :secret:
  13. RPM management. You let your RPMs drop way too much then whacked the throttle. Recipe for disaster. Heal up soon and keep working on it and get good instruction.
  14. Skwrl

    Skwrl Ninja Master

  15. Faceplants into the track are all bad. Kinda curious as to what your helmet looks like now haha.
  16. sounds like my kinda person. i dabble in madman, but far from genius :)
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