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Going Away ride and BBQ

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by ronrdrcr, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Well, I have all of my plans made now and have decided that Saturday June 11th would be the best day to have a going away party. If you want to go for a ride that morning let's meet at the Columbia River Maritime Museum parking lot at 0900, KSU 0930. I haven't decided on a route yet, but weather depending I'm thinking 202 to 26 then 53 to Miami River Road then back to my house for a BBQ lunch by 13 or 1400.

  2. Ron, is your date cast in stone?

    Another rider down here is organizing a ride over to the Hells Canyon Rally and I told him I would go that weekend. June 10-13th and I think he is planning on leaving a day or two earlier.

    He is not on the site here, but I told him when he has it nailed down, I would post it here for any others around here that want to go.

    Any chance you could attend that for a long weekend goodbye ride?

  3. I wish I could, but the 11th is about the only day out of the next 3 months I won't be busy with my move stuff.

  4. I'm off that weekend. I could probably make it. I haven't heard about Bret's ride yet, but I need to visit with my buddy Ron again before you go. Did you know I'm driving a Suburban now and my wife has a Jeep Wrangler? We bought two vehicles within a few days.
  5. Yeah I heard, Jac saw the suburban on Facebook and said that's what we need to do. Get the nice vehicles after the kids are grown and not making messes in ours.

  6. ^^^ My wife wants new flooring and furniture in the house. I said the same thing to her... "Let's wait till the kids are gone so they wont tear it all up." We just have two teenagers at home now, but they are rough on stuff.
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