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Gonna go find some 11th

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Pjohn91, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Wife will be outa town, got the day off work. Thinking about St Helens, anybody that has rode these want to show me the way?? Even if you havent and want to go post up. Also, recently got my Scala G$4 and want to see how the intercoms work so if you have one than even better :)

    My number is in my profile so txt, pm or post up...

    My plan:

    will be there @ 8, KSU 8:30
    Park n ride off hwy 18, Auburn Black Diamond exit
    come full of gasssss
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2012
  2. I would love to tag along.

  3. Nice, St Helens i think, k s u @ 9-10. Meet ya at the park and ride on Auburn black diamond.
    I'm totally flexible on the time, got all day
  4. I think 9 am ksu would be good, anybody else wanting to go just show up. Mid week the roads should be empty!
  5. I think I might be game for this.
  6. I will be there. Could we possibly meet up at 8 instead or would that be to early?
  7. I would be fine with 8

    I hope u come Andrew, will be good to ride with ya again
  8. Work just screwed me over. I now need to come in at 12:30 so I am unable to go.
  9. Didn't your Mother tell you to not use dirty four letter words like work?
  10. Too bad for you :(....gonna be beautiful

    100% i n
  11. OUT, realized I have no baby sitter. Girlfriend kicked me back to reality...........damn it sorry john maybe next time. was looking foward to this.
  12. In! Where is this ksu place? What does that stand for?
  13. Kick stands up! Park and ride off of hwy 18 Auburn black diamond exit

  14. fixt 4 u
  15. Oh of course.

    Definitely thought this was today. I got there and sat around for a while. Oops.
  16. lol, just be there tomorrow, going 8:30 ksu....I should be there pretty close to 8
  17. D675Freak may not be there due to his Triumph showing signs of being a Triumph.....I am starting to believe England is still pissed at us and equips all Triumphs with variable electronics that only work part of the time. I tried to help him diagnose a non starting issue, but it is DOA.
  18. well I will be there till 8:30 then i'm on my way...
  19. Of all the days to have a 10:30 call with the boss.......
  20. Getting up, getting fueled, and on my way to meet up.
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