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Good GM dealer closest to TriCities?

Discussion in 'Central' started by blueline15, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Thats not McCurely in Pasco. They lost my business 9 years ago.

    I had a fantastic GM dealer when I was in Michigan. But now I'm back, and need my car diagnosed through the ECU, which I'm sure only the dealer can do. Willing to travel to the dealer of course, the closer to tri cities the better.

    Or opinions of other dealers to also stay away from work too.
  2. Any good independent repair shop should be able to diagnose your car. Snap-On make diagnose tools for all mainstream cars. I have had independent shops work on my mother's 2010 Toyota RAV4 (Even though it was still on warranty.) for electrical problems. The independent shops always gave better service than Steal-er-hips. It never hurts to ask.

    Also, the only GM dealerships that are not McCurley are Deseret Buick in Kennewick, O"Brien in Walla Walla and another dealership in Hermiston.

  3. I'm actually glad you said that, because I have a good friend who is a great mechanic who bought a snap-on computer from the snap-on guy at a steal he said. We used to figure out why the car was stumbling at an idle.

    Been out of the loop for 3 years so I forgot about that. I'll check with him to see if he still has it. I'm sure that will show me everything I need to see on this damn car.
  4. Just a thought, but the guys who turned you off at McCurley 9 years ago are probably all gone. May be worth another shot. One of our riders on here (Joe P.) is a mechanic there and a good friend of mine (Chad Darcy) is a service advisor. But if you want to avoid the dealership, I have had nothing but great service at Advanced Automotive in Pasco. They are just south of the Nissan Dealership. If you go there, ask for Jeff (the owner). He's a super honest guy and I've taken cars there for the last 10 years. Their number is 547-2459.
  5. dude go to napa or orilies they will plug your car into a code reader for free :)...not saying have them fix it but if you just need to know whats wrong
  6. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    Autozone will do this also...just saying...
  7. Thx PascoPete.

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  8. I was thinking that, but I'm still not sure I can step foot inside their doors after that. I need OEM parts, specifically exhaust parts that wrecking yards aren't too willing to sell. Willing to pay a little extra to support the local shops within reason for what I can get them for online.

    Maybe I'll step inside with my guard up and see how they treat me when I ask them questions.

    I bought a code reader for myself a long time ago! :) I already know what their code reader is going to tell me. My problem is Michigan ate my exhaust, and being a broke college kid, I kept fixing it as best I could. The car gets shit gas mileage, because I can't keep the first O2 sensor alive, which is what has kept the SEL on the dash lit up. Now that college is over, I want start with putting all the exhaust back to stock from manifold to muffler, and I want to be able to see what the voltage reading from that O2 sensor is, fuel pressure, gas mileage, etc in real time.

    With the price of gas, and how many miles I'll be driving, I'm willing to put a few hundred dollars to a grand plus into fixing the exhaust/O2 issue, and getting the motor tuned up so I can regain my fuel mileage. I know it's currently on a default open mode so the ECU is dumping too much fuel in because, as I said, with the current exhaust set up I have, I can't keep an O2 sensor alive for longer than a month.

    I just want to see, or have someone else see all the real time data that's going on with that motor. It's a 2.4L 4 banger and it gets comparable gas mileage to my 25 year old 5.7L V8 in my truck.
  9. I creeped your profile, you must be a mechanic and McCurly? I'm willing to give it a second shot, at Pasco Pete's recommendation.

    I was 16 years old 9 years ago when it happened, and have felt like they were trying to take advantage of me because of my age and inexperience. A simple safety recall turned into me needing a $1600 service, that a qt. of ATF fixed at home.

    I need to get the Michigan cleaned up out of this car, and really do not have the tools, time, or space to do it myself.
  10. Come on down to Sherrell Chevrolet in Hermiston. We'll take care of you, been in business for 67 years. Duane
  11. For what it is worth, I managed an auto repair shop in Kennewick back in 1996, and Desert Buick was always great to work with. We got all of our GM OEM parts and advice from them because they were very nice, professional, and that way we could avoid McCurley's.

    ; ]
  12. Much work is done based on the flat rate book.

    Let’s say you have a job that the FLB says will take 3 hours to accomplish but to get at the part(s) you have to move or remove items that are covered by a different flat rate. Let’s say the additional flat rate time is 2 hours.

    Often the additional work requires very little extra time. Most if not all dealerships “Stack” flat rates and you’ll be charged the full 5 hours. Most independent repair shops, (especially the good ones do not). Additionally dealerships usually charge more per hour than independents.

    You need to ask this question and if you get a muzzy response, run don’t walk away from there.
  13. Sweet thanks guys. Word of mouth means more than anything to me.

    Car is actually in hermiston right now. I need to wait until I have an income but as soon as I do I just need to start with buying the OEM exhaust parts and fix all the broke college temp fixes I've done.

    I'm hoping it is all bolt on shit so I can save some money and hang it myself.

    Been around and worked in shops before, so I have some mechanical sense.
  14. As a broke college guy with a rust bucket that served just shy of 20 years in Minnesota, I had Bonnie and Clydes in Pasco repair my exhaust for $30 in 15 minutes. It's held together so far.
  15. Are you stuck on factory parts?

    Rhoads muffler shop in Pasco does a rockin' job for a great price.
  16. if you want to fix your exhaust and want better gas mileage, there are options better than stock as far as gas mileage goes. My best friend went to Bonny and Clydes in Pasco for new exhaust on his Camaro and he ended up seeing additional horsepower, torque and fuel economy for around $500 if I remember right. My sister took her 91 Chrysler there to have new exhaust done and it didn't cost much and she ended up with a whole new system.
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