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Good mechanic in Spokane?

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by emilio56, May 4, 2011.

  1. I'm a total newb and I'm looking to get my first bike. Right now I'm interested in an '04 ZX6R that has ~1400 miles. Anyone know of a good place to take it for a pre-purchase inspection? Ya think it needs a professional look, or some ideas of what to look for myself? I'm pretty technical and often fix my own car problems, I just don't know much about bikes.
  2. A2zen moved to the east coast. There probably isn't another good one here in town.
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  3. EDs on sprague is pretty good
    or U could just look at brneyegrl tire changing thread
  4. where is the bike? Thats super low miles. I'd be willing to look at it with you btw. It would be pretty surprising for a bike with those miles to have something wrong mechanically but possible i guess. I always look the bike over to see if its been down, check fluid levels and color etc., chain/sprocket wear, fork seals, anyway the list goes on. Its always good to bring extra eyes and ears when buying. Let me know.
  5. What's wrong with Empire? FFF has been known to take his bikes there. I like the people there and I have an RSV1000 getting work done there right now.
  6. I've been known to drop my bike with them every now and again.
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  7. KevinD

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    That's for sure...

    I've also heard that Ed on Sprague does good work.

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