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good place to stay in the San Juan Islands?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Snomofo, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Thinking of a bike trip to the San Juan Islands middle of September----haven't been up there for years on the ferry. Any recommendations on bike friendly places to stay? There will be 4 of us.
  2. I have not been up there so I can't help with recommendations, but Groupon or LivingSocial had a deal up there going recently, you might check and see if it's on there. The deal was Sunday-Thursday though, not sure if that helps or not.

  3. Roche Harbor on San Juan Island is amazing.
  4. Yep! Rent one of the cabins, perfect for 4 people with bikes.
  5. Orcas is a lot cheaper than San Juan (lodging and food). Check out Rosario. Roche Harbor is nice but quite expensive. For food:
    Friday Harbor - Cask and Schooner; the bakery has great stuff for breakfast
    Orcas island hotel restaurant - great food!
    Rosario restaurant has great food too.
  6. Dove Bay has a cool resort with cabins and camping and a hot tub (heard it was a nudist colony at one point) on Orcas Island.

    On Friday Harbor there's Wharfside B & B which is a sailboat that's a B&B. Cool place to stay.

    I'm a B&B kinda of gal and stayed at Harrison House Suites & Tucker House Inn in Friday Harbor. Nice place.

    Just beware that many places up there will require a 2 night stay.

    +1 on the Groupon and Living Social deals. That's how I stayed the last time for my birthday. Rode up and went whale watching. Also watch for the damn deer, tons of them there!
  7. Oops I mean Doe Bay, not Dove Bay. There a bunch of places listed in Destination Highways but too many to posy here. However here are some interesting ones:
    Turtleback Farm Inn BB - Orcas
    Kangaroo House BB - Orcas
    Orcas BB Hotline - check for number. In book they listed too many numbers 360 3376 8888
    Olympic Lights BB - San Juan

    Now I want to go back.
  8. Get a boat while there and really see the islands
    Nothing better:mrgreen:
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