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Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by Arnbo, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. going to be in Boise next month any suggestions on a good ride out of Meridian?:scratchea
  2. Idaho City to Lowman (Stanley and back if you have the time) Banks back to Boise. AWESOME day ride out of Boise! :thumbup:
  3. As Ti954 said, the Lowman Loop with option of extending
    it to Stanley is a great ride. I would suggest a clockwise
    loop from Meridian to Banks to Lowman to Idaho City to
    Boise. More congestion on southbound SH-55 during the

    See for 17 loops
    from/to Boise. If you'd like to see maps, pics, and captions
    for tons of day rides and road trips from/to Boise, hit: (right column)
  4. Lowman loop is pretty good definitely worth a good day of ridding
  5. johnny5021

    yelm wa

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