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Good Starter Dirtbike for 15 Year Old

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by 636Ryder, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. I'm looking into buying my younger brother a dirtbike for christmas. He's had a

    mini-bike for a couple of years but never really ridden a full size dirtbike. I was

    thinking about getting him a CRF80 or something in the 50-100cc range. Any

  2. Wouldn't that be a little small for a 15 year old?

  3. Ya it might. But he's never ridden a bike with a clutch and I don't wanna

    throw him onto a two-stroke 250 and have my mom flipping out on

    me :mrgreen: ....... i might consider something like a 150cc four stroke or

    something like that. Just tryin to get a feel for what people think.
  4. That's fine, but you don't need to get something crazy fast. My first dirt bike was somewhere around 200cc's from what I recall. It was about perfect.
  5. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    This would be perfect for a 15 yr. old

    Very clean and trick
    $1000's in good aftermarket components.

    I would buy it in a second if I had the cash to spare!!!
    No, I dont know the seller but I know KDX's and this one is a gem.

    Probably the best used trial bike on Clist.
    Lowered, great suspension for lighter rider....., You are a great brother! Merry Christmas !!


    This senior citizen has decided the time has come, so I'm selling my 1999 KDX 220. Over the years I have modified this bike to where it might be the ultimate technical trails woods bike. It has the following mods:
    Revloc auto clutch
    clutch lever converted to rear hand brake
    Scotts steering stabilizer
    FMF Gnarly pipe and silencer/spark arrester
    Trailtech odometer/speedometer
    Enduro Engineering hand guards
    gripper seat cover
    radiator guards
    Uni two-stage air filter
    The suspension has been lowered one inch with internal modification to the shock and forks, not by using "dog bones" or sliding the fork tubes up. The forks have Race Tech Gold valves and springs for a 150 lb rider. The shock was recently rebuilt and re-charged with nitrogen.
    This bike has been carefully maintained by a rider with 47 years experience. I have a complete maintenance log from day one, and even a ride log up until 2006 when my riding tapered off. All normal wear items like chain, sprockets, brakes, tires, piston, coolant, and trans oil are in great shape and good to go
  6. That is a sweet deal.
  7. Looks nice.... I might send ya a message.

    Damn, thats a pretty sweet setup.... I missed the KDX's when I was browsing thru craigslist..... very tempting... My lil' bro might have to share this one with me :mrgreen:... hopefully I can scrape the cash together.
  8. LOL NO, no it wouldn't.
  9. LOL, Yes, yes it would
  10. +1 Get it!!
  11. I think that it would be a perfect bike for me..... lol ...... maybe too much

    power for him tho.... I kinda wanted to start him on a four-stroke, they're

    a bit more forgiving. But the KDX looks like an awesome deal. Decisions,

    decisions.... :scratchea
  12. How big is this 15 year old? a 150 r or f would be great for a shorter kid. a 230 would be a good starter for a taller kid.
  13. He's about 5'8"-5'9" I would guess and pretty skinny for his age.
  14. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    See, you came to the right place for advice on dirtbikes! :nana
  15. +1 i think i would be perfect as well.
  16. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    The KDX would be the bomb for him then.
    Auto clutch,
    loads of low end for a 2 stroke. (FMF pipe really adds to low end/midrange)
    You can go really slow on a KDX.
    Then when he got better at riding he could rip on it.
    I bought a 200 for my sons 1st bike at the same age and size....,dont worry a teen can handle it.
    You can direct Mom to Rocky Mountain or motosports for screaming deals on gear if she is so worried.
    In just a few hours of riding He would be making you eat dust if he isnt a wuss.
    The only reason I could wup my kid is I'm a ex-MX racer with a ego!!!
  17. I'm thinkin 501 Maico.
    That ought ta teach him about dirt bikes...
  18. nah if you're going maico may as well go for the 700!!

    Screw the auto clutch! If you get that bike get a normal clutch in there. Can't learn to ride without a clutch IMO.
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