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Good tire shop in the area?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Morwan, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. I picked up a nail in my tire yesterday, and it broke off when I was trying to patch it today. Now it's buried deep in the tire and I can't get at it with pliers. The tire is still holding air, but I want to get it to a spot that'll be able to extract the nail and plug the hole.

    I'm located in the U-District, are there any good shops nearby that work on bike tires?
  2. Seattle Cycle Center is right up 99.

  3. No place will patch the tire for you. I am also very pissed that i have a nail in my brand new rear tire, i didnt even put 200 miles on it. I spend like $300 on it. Now i am looking for a cheap place to mount/balance a new rear tire? anyone?
  4. Plug it yourself.

    Just kidding, get a new tire. Plugs are bad juju . +1 on SCC. Great people.
  5. There's a guy in marysville...keeping it on the low.

    Search some threads in this section.
  6. You serious? From a simple nail puncture?

    If that's the case I'll buy a couple clamps and remove the tire myself. My brother and I need to get setup to replace tires anyway.
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  7. Mic

    Mic Retired

    You have to understand it from a dealer perspective.

    On a car, if a plug fails, it has 3 other tires to keep it true.

    On a bike, if a plug fails, it can be fatal.

    The liability of offering that service is rather high.

    That being said...

    Plugging it yourself isn't a huge deal, and I know several people who have. But mind you, it is not recommended to plug a front tire.

    I know one person who actually had 8 plugs in his rear tire from one of his trek's up north.
  8. Another grey area, and as such you are going to get contrasting opinions. Working for a tire company going on 9yrs, I will tell you this: Can it be patched? Yes. Would I recommend it? No. Just like car tires, the speed rating will be compromised if you put a repair patch on the inside of the casing. Most vehicles are not driven over 120mph where the risk of patch failure greatly increases. On the other hand, most people that own liter bikes do (Hell, I dont think ive been on a single ride where I havent taken it over 120 at least once :lol:). If purchasing a new tire is completely out of the question, the tread life is greater than 50%, the nail is small and in the center of the tread, then patching may be a potential option, BUT you still are running at your own risk. I personally have ran patched tires with no issues, as have my fellow riders. Anyways, shoot me a PM if you would like more info.
  9. I work at a tire shop in North Seattle. Bring me the wheel and tire off the bike and i can mount it up for you. Unfortunately I don't have a balancer to accommodate bike wheels, but I can at least handle the dismount and mounting part. Couple tall boys outta take care of the cost ;) Lemme know
  10. I plugged my last tire just because I was waiting on my new ones, there was some nice sunny days, and I didn't want to miss them. It was the first time I had ever used one of those kits, but it worked, held, and was fine.
  11. weird. i've gotten my tire plugged before. but that was in oregon. plug held til the end of the tire's life too.
  12. Never had an issues with plugs or patches. Same with all my friends.
    I guess I'd be concerned if it was used in severe conditions like racing.
    Normal riding? Haven't seen one fail. Maybe leak, but total failure.

    I mount my own. Picked up a balancer but the shaft got bent so she's a no good.:rant
  13. Bringing this back from the dead. I need someone to do a patch/plug from the inside. I'm holding off on new tires until after I upgrade my front end next month, but I need something to hold me over til then.
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  14. All Moto Tire in Spanaway put my road 3's on---great service at reasonable rates. Check out their website
  15. I got a friend that lives near me that will change, balance, and mount your tire for you. Around 20-25 bucks. If you want info send me a PM