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good weather! whos rideing?

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by wavygravy, May 27, 2010.

  1. ok yall been way to quiet, bad weather has a way of slowing down the posts thats for shure! so who is flyin this weekend & monday?
  2. This weekend is looking pretty crapp-e...

    John and I went out today for an hour and a bit...over to the back roads of western Columbia County

  3. It was awesome! I made it from the stoplight in Clatsakanie back to Warrenton Costco in 61 minutes on 47/202/Youngs River Rd/Tucker Creek Ln/Lewis & Clark Rd. I don't know what the average speed for that is, but there was very little traffic, and I was in tune with the R1. Life is good! Hopefully we'll have some more of that sunshine tomorrow.
  4. If there is sunshine tomorrow...I am ready to ride
  5. Wish I could have went...I dont have a day off until tuesday...Then Have friday,saturday,sunday off but it's for my Girlfriends graduation/parties....Yep shes young haha but totally legal :)If it's nice I would like to get out and ride but not sure what time I will be able to go....
  6. ^^^ We stopped at your work yesterday, but neither your car or bike was there. We went inside to use the can, but didn't see you in there either. This was about 2:30 - 2:45. What's going on? Were you dogging us? crackup:
  7. Jailbait what?!?
  8. Haha Ummm I was there at 330 lol I was in town a little earlier too because I took a quick ride and got pulled over again....Stupid speed patrol on the backroads.He told me there is 4 or 5 cops on for 2-3 days out on the backroads I wanted to ride :( Whatever He let me go with a warning because I was only doing like 15-18 over and normally I'm a really good driver/rider.But If you saw the road you would think the speed should be 55 thats how fast everyone goes....Umm Rallynz jailbait?haha Nope I have been with her for almost 5 years.
  9. Heck, 5 years ago you weren't legal either. :mfclap:

    We found one of your cop friends on a backroad north of Clatskanie. Luckily, a driver in a lifted 4x4 warned us before we got to him, so we were riding like a couple of grandma's when we went by him. Those are some fun roads on the north side of hwy 30 between Clats and Rainier.
  10. Lol yeah,They are out heavy for the next couple of days I guess...That is good someone warned you :) Yeah we were both legal for a while then things got illegal,then things got legal again. lol
    Wish I could have rode with you guys.I was riding backroads out of Clatskanie in the quincy area when I got pulled over but he said there were 4 others out there.I was like thanks I'm going back the way I came.haha I just turned around and went home.Sucks because I got my new leathers and I wanted to ride in them a while and get used to it...
  11. hey yall ! sorry i missed ya! i took old whats her name for a short spin to see grandkids & then tokoyo teriaki yum! then back home for chillin! it was our 20 year anarversary dealio! we went to make woopie & saw each other naked & we played checkers instead with our clothes on! whos flyin tomorrow? 109driver ive yet to meet ya! whats up? see what you have to look forward to dustin!
  12. Lol yay....Cant wait....
  13. Yeah, I look forward to meeting you sometime. Which Tokyo Teriyaki did you go to? There's one in Astoria and another in Seaside. I love that place. Let me know if you're heading there again, and I'll probably get my wife and join you. We're looking at 22 years together in September. I don't know how she puts up with me.
  14. i know your a busy guy call if ya have time, 360 244 0047 im on call this weekend & do weekend plant rounds, but can sneak away if i check phone a lot, also on call 24-7 for any emergencys, like last night at 2:30 in the morning, drunk meth monkees rolled van into local buisness & broke water lines so had to go shut water off ect!
  15. once again all our hopes & good intentions have been dashed by the paid liars-weathermen! & they make big bucks for that! so here we sit looking out the window for a glimmer of a sun ray or two, spring in the northwest keeps ya on your toes! after 8 months of working everyday in the rain we jump at every chance we get to ride, well i do anyway even if the pavement is wet sometimes! cant wait to wear out more tires on warm dry pavement! suns a comeing yall! just redid my endorsement fri in rain, the dol lady jackie was nice enough to let me do it after i showed up in office soaking wet in the rain, passed no prob, i quit the road for a spell long story & let my endorsement lapse- doh!
  16. Pretty much...I hate the weather.I go to like 4 different weather things online and if I find just 1 that says sun I ride haha I havent latley though cause I dont like getting soaked.Thats good you got your endorsement again haha
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