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Good Year!

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Arnbo, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Well another year comes and goes,Oyster run Sunday and then our bikes go into
    The Batcave for the winter.
    Thanks to everyone see you next time around,Be safe.


  2. Yeah im pretty sure I'v got two more riding months
  3. there is 3 more months till the end of year? right?.:scratchea.....and still 12 months in year? riding season isnt over!....its NEVER over!!!!
    oh wait, your a boat person now, so nevermind....:stir:
  4. If the roads aren't iced over, I'm riding.
  5. Over?
    Lets see
    New brakes.... check.
    new riding pants...check.
    Fresh coolant...check.
    Balanced throttle bodies... Check
    Dead rear tire...check.
    guess I am out for the rest of the year too.:rant
    Spent my tire money on brakes and pants.:angry7:
    Wasn't to bad of a year.
  6. What kind of a tire do you need?
  7. No way, it can't be the end of the riding season, I just bought a new bike!

    If the weather is shitty up here, I'll just load up the bike and drive South until the sun shines. Good riding around Paso Robles, CA and also L.A. and San Diego.

    Got to burn off the OEM tires on the '10 Streetfighter S!

    Cheers all,

    Martyn 8)
  8. I'm thinking a pilot power 2ct 180 55 r17 if I remember correctly.:mrgreen:
  9. K. I have a Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart 180 55ZR 17 sitting around
  10. Oyster Run was great Soooooo much fun!
    Mega bikes and people.
    See you next season.:mrgreen:
  11. WOW your bailing out, look out side Man :nana I have 2 boats and 3 bikes and ride all year if dry. So stop being a candy Ass :stir:
  12. This coming from the guy who has used every excuse NOT to make bike nights or group rides......No I am having surgery in my near future:angry7:Riding with broken free floating bone fragments
    ......Hardly being a Candyass there FruitBoot
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  13. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    I hate having a faulty near future, it's so hard to splint and takes a really long time to heal. :roll:

    But, I guess we will have to let you use the excuse. Just take it easy and get healed up for next year.
  14. Thought we might see you last week for bike night! It's certainly no fun being injured. Heal up!
  15. Guess Candy Ass was harsh, hell I've only met ya once :mrgreen: But I did make 1 ride this year, turned back to take lead for this guy that had no out shell on the bike.

    And I need my car Boss, engine work sucks.
    And out town looking for that lost Gold Mine is worth it to.

    So heal up Sr. Is no good being broke. So is there a North End Bike Night this week, I have made 2 this busy year :scratchea
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  16. Thursday at 6 work for you southern riders? It looks like almost 70 degrees and sunny that day.

    Hard to find an excuse to be putting the bikes away for the winter...crackup:
  17. Location ?
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  18. Well 24hrs and 45 minutes till ? Guess it's a wash.
  19. Boomers 6pm thursday in Bellingham.