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Googling around Salem

Discussion in 'Salem' started by Omnivore, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. So I was googling Salem maps and low and behold whats this??!!

    :ninja: <----Click the Ninja

    Wait a minute thats a race track!!! Well not really it's the Sheriffs/fireman training area but they can't possibly be using this publicly funded facility all the time..... I want my tax paying turn!!!!
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  2. Say when. I see a getaway route on the south East side if you've got the right tires.

  3. They should be having public track days on that!!
  4. I went to college right around the corner from there and was always so jealous when I heard them navigating that thing and sliding around the corners... I almost decided to be a cop just for how fun the training would be!
  5. I looked at the site and found the house I was brought up in less than one screens width away!! I don't think it was there in 60s/70s when I was riding the crud out of honda and kawi dirt bikes...
    Brought back some nice memories though!!
  6. That looks like it'd be a blast.
  7. CopperSV1

    CopperSV1 (Oregon) City

    Was able to take my "Work" Connie on that for Team Oregon ART. Was fun. Best part was different Team Oregon Instructors telling me they were told I was the guy to follow around for "training" purposes. Next best part was being told how they couldn't believe I wasn't grinding my crash bars but would scrape my exhaust on certain turns. I miss being on Motors!
  8. Don't believe him...he never rides :stir:
  9. HEY, I thought we were going to see if we could get track time on that one?
  10. Not ART, exactly. ART is taught on a kart track (Pat's Acres or the Mac Track). Police ART is taught at a kart track and on a runway or dragstrip for braking/swerving, and is a pre-requisite for the high speed class taught here.

    He's lying. That track is no fun at all. Especially not the sweeper over the blind crest down into that 90 degree right-hander.

    As a race track, it's pretty tame; as a place to let drivers (and riders) experience handling at the limits of traction, it works pretty well.

    Yeah, we have to have someone for the new guy to watch...

    You have to look at how much those crash bars hang down to understand that comment. Still better than the ST- I've seen a couple guys grind the exhaust hard enough to lever the back tire of an ST1300 off the ground. Watching 800 pounds of motorcycle jump four feet sideways is... :scared
  11. Better than a rear lift-off from a toe tuck!
  12. No hating going on. When I say Toe tuck, I mean when your toe is down (riding low side with your heel against the back of the peg instead of your toe being on the peg) and it tucks under your foot peg after it grabs into the ground. Although I don't know if it could lift a ST up....I've seen it on sport bikes plenty of times. And felt it ONCE lol Ouch!!
  13. I doubt an ST1300 would even twitch- it'd just dislocate and hyper-extend the ankle and keep moving. (OK, I'm now going to limp in sympathy for the rest of the day...)

    Copper, were you there when someone ground all the way through his left boot?
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