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Got in a car crash today (video)

Discussion in 'Westside' started by AcXr50, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. Well I just happen to be filming my friend in his s2000, We were on the raindrop rally today on our way back home.

    Coming in way to hot and the back end washed out at 80mph slid into a ditch :scared If we would of flipped it would of been over. Dont wanna say where it was but some of you should be able to recognize where its at.

    The car did not have any real bad damage, The under carriage took alot of the hit. We were unharmed .
  2. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    lucky it wasnt worse... perhaps slower into turns.. LOL

  3. hahaha you can hear me say right before the crash "thats a lil too fast"
  4. Mikercw

    Mikercw Forum Leghumper

    Its just a honda.... it`ll buff out

    If not... Well its still just a honda
  5. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    that's what he gets for driving a woman's car.
  6. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    Also, what's with not even catching it on video? LOL.
  7. i was sort of scared:scared
  8. crackup: You are the best camera man ever! :mfclap: Don't you remember the golden rule? LEAN AND BELIEVE!!

    Like so:


  9. your friend needs to learn out to drive.
    2 hands on the steering wheel
  10. super +1

    S2000=chick car, and I don't care how much boost he's running
  11. Disagree. S2k = sweet car. The suspension out of the box is amazing. Definitely a driver's car; man or woman may it be.

    Also, yes the driver needs to learn to keep 2 hands on the wheel. I suspect he doesn't have real race experience.

    Lastly, I see the gauges, but the car is accelerating way too slowly to be boosted and I don't hear the turbo. If that s2k was boosted, even at partial throttle it would have been significantly faster than that. Definitive conclusion : that car was NOT boosted.

    Shame to see a nice car get banged up, but glad you guys came out ok.
    RIP rider? lol
  12. No matter what, he walked away..............
  13. :scratchea

    Did you watch the part where he crashes?

    I found this pic of R6_DSM

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2009
  14. Yes, I watched the video a few times actually. Why do I have a giant blunt? I'm either too stupid (or high as you would imply) or the joke is too intelligent for me to understand.
  15. sorry R6... I just thought it was funny that you just watched a clip where a guy crashes a car, and you go on to tell us how stock the guy's car is - right after you tell us how badass the car is stock.

    No hard feelings... my sig says it all. (random)
  16. You showed the guy, you can read his license plate and you described his car. :tard:

  17. Nice video of the dash.
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