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GP or "reverse" shifting is awesome!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by scollins, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Decided to switch my 1098S to GP style shifting today (20 minute job, just reposition the lever on the shaft.) Got a chance to ride to the Burgermaster bike night, so a lot of shifting there and back. I have to say, I prefer shifting this way!

    It seemed much easier to get quick, smooth upshifts. And clutchless upshifts were certainly easier to execute. I even managed to not screw up and shift the wrong direction!

    I think I'm going to leave it set up this way permanently, and it is something I wish I had done a long time ago.

    So who else has their street bike setup with GP/reverse shifting?
  2. Only time I've ever been tempted was at PIR for the back straight. Trying to lean hard right while twisting your left ankle so that after every shift the lever returns to center, all while going balls-out is a horrendous pain in the ass.

    Next PIR track day I'm going reverse. Other than that, not really.

  3. Been running GP since I got my Bazzaz Quickshifter. After the ECUnleashed the shifts are easy and so smooth! Almost feels like an automatic LOL

  4. +1. I'm diggin' reverse shift!
  5. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I've been using GP since 07. "normal" shift pattern is foreign to me and I hate it.

    1up 5down foe life!
  6. Me too, have been riding that way for a year our so. I test rode a FZ1 the other day and had to remind myself how to shift....g p is the way to go for sure. That and if anybody nicks your bike they probably won't get out of second gear lol
  7. I miss gp style. I need to get some rearsets for my zx10 and go back to it
  8. +1 for GP Shift.

    I also love GP shift. Been doing it for 7 months now. When I bought my FZ1 7 months ago it already had it on so took it for a ride and I immediately liked it more(felt more natural to me). Fz1 also has a quick shifter on it so with GP shifting it is way better. I also have my track bike (zx6r) GP shift too. The other 2 bikes I just left standard and surprisingly I have no problem switching between bikes and dont have shifting problems.
  9. Scott,
    If you think it's good riding to burgermaster, just wait till you get to try it at your next track day! It's so much easier to get out of a corner and down the next straight.

    Once you go reverse... you never reverse it.... err yeah.
  10. meh...I still like standard...something about coming into the corner and stomping down the gears I like. It does take a little more work to click into a higher gear coming out, but I still like standard better.
  11. I've heard about this before but never gave it much thought... How hard is this to change up? on a cruiser that is....
  12. I raced for years with GP shifting and had my streetbike converted as well. After racing was done and I started travelling more and renting motorcycles in other cities for fun, I switched my streetbike back to avoid the confusion on strange bikes in strange less thing to worry about. Imagine that, after I stopped racing I actually had money to travel!
  13. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    All depends on your shift linkage and how it's set up on your bike. On my 2 bikes (triumph and gsxr), the mechanism that connects to the shift pin on your engine can be flipped 180* converting it to GP.

    On some bikes, you have to buy new rear sets and/or a kit to allow for GP.

    I know that on the 06+ R6 (non-s) you have to buy a kit to allow for GP.

    Just food for thought.
  14. Well that's just completely wrong. I'm looking at mine right now, and I didn't but a kit
  15. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    Serial? I was told numerous times over that you need a kit to run GP shift on the R6 because the linkage ran through the frame and would be changed if switched to GP, so the kit was needed to relocate linkage to allow for that shift pattern.
  16. After 40 years of riding, for the first time I switched my track bike to GP shifting. I worried about switching back and forth, so changed my street bike as well. It has taken a little practice and a few "wrong" shifts, but mostly has been better overall. If you decide to try this, be deliberate about your shifting...................................and CONCENTRATE!! I was fortunate that my only big "wrong" shift resulted in a snapped chain and some plastic body damage. Accelerating out of turn 4 at Pacific and grabbing 1st gear instead of 3rd........................................OUCH!! :banghead::tard:
  17. That's for the 03-05/06-09 R6s. The 06+ even has a cool line marked on it for where the dimple goes on each side so you don't have to adjust the linkage.
  18. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    Well no shit .. Might have to go buy me an R6 now.
  19. lol. did the same thing at thunderhill after 20 years of having streetbikes with reverse shift, right at exit of little corkscrew. Didn't know the big old TL could slide both ends like that and still say up. Sure felt silly.
  20. Meh it's alright. It's not some giant revelation people make it out to be. Whatever floats your boat. I never had clearance issues even shifting mid corner deep in a lean with standard setup. On and off track, sport bike or supermoto.

    Smoothness with shifting typically relates to how you preload the shifter, unload the tranny and your RPMs. I've been able to clutchless-upshift either way smoothly without problems.
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