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GP Spoiler bad bad

Discussion in 'Racing' started by barry.mccockener, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Simoncelli down with Rossi and Edwards. Simoncelli lost his helmet. Looked bad. Race is red flagged for now. Ugly.
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  2. Rossi is fine, Edwards taken away in wheelchair. No word on Simon. These are the times I hate live feed.
  3. Bad bad bad.............. Race canceled........... This is not good...........
  4. that was horrible and hard to watch. cant be good that they cancelled the race.
  5. I just saw the vid as well shittt not good!
  6. I'm ignoring the fucking twitter feeds. Info not reliable. Waiting for more info from a more credible source.
  7. Video shows officials talking to individual riders. Facial expressions tell it all....

    Fuck fuck fuck

    Simoncelli pronounced dead....... Sad sad sad. I really liked watching what he brought to the races. Seen him in person a couple times at Laguna. Bigger than life. Rip 58 FUCK.
  8. Here's to hoping some reports are rumor.
  9. is there a link to confirm? sad :(
  10. BBC Sports reports the same. Dammit
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