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GPS based laptimers

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by JBJ18, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Did a search and did not find too much.
    Track day riders who have used these do you have any comments or recommendations on type and reliability.
    Solo AIM
    All seem to come up as good choices
    Any thoughts would be great...
  2. Why are you looking at GPS based vs. old school IR?

  3. ninjaofdoom

    ninjaofdoom <a href="

    The only reason I use GPS based is because it's built into my Panigale. Otherwise, I'd imagine good 'ol IR is cheaper and easier?
  4. More data than just lap time, no need to bring a beacon etc.
  5. I have an XT now, but sometimes TD providers don't have or want a beacon out for reasons they know.
    Also I like to improve and these seem good to show you data that could help. But you are correct...lots of money so its just a though for now and could save some money over the winter and buy one
  6. For what its worth, I have the basic Qstarz model (its now a 10khz, mine is 5). For the money I have found it a very useful tool. So much so that I'm now going to hunt down a full on GPX Pro from XT racing sometime during the winter.
  7. Thanks...that is good info.
  8. I use a starlane. Love the functionality and convenience. Hate all the menus I have to go through. Sometimes has issues finding a signal but I just restart it and it seems to do ok. For the money though I don't think I'd buy the starlane again. Unless you need all the functionality, buy a cheaper unit with less features.
  9. How do these GPS units know when you pass the "start/finish" line and begin a new lap time. I read that on some you have push a button to tell it and others its automatic
  10. Im a dealer for QStarz here in the PNW. Ive been loaning out BT1000 for the last 3 Motofit events so people can get an idea of what they do.

    Ive tried apps, Im not going to buy a beacon because not all providers have recievers.

    I will continue to have loaners at all events I attend, yes even the events im not vending at, just find me in the pits.
  11. The starlane athon I have requires you to take the unit to start/finish and set the point. Intermediates have to be set the same way. Some other units require the same and I've heard of the gpx being set from google maps gps coordinates on your computer. Some also have preset tracks but I think for us, none include pacific or the ridge.

    I'm pretty sure that any gps unit which sets the start finish will record your lap time automatically. It would seem pointless to have to push a button to record a lap. Kinda defeats the purpose of buying these expensive units. Might as well use a stopwatch duct taped to your handlebar.
  12. the Qstars let you set your S/F and as meny splits you as you want. because its GPS Qstars allows you to over lay on to google maps which means youcan also use it on road trips.
  13. I think when you ride past the point on the first lap you push a button which marks it as the start/finish then after that everytime you pass that point (coordinate) it records the lap.
  14. You can set the start/finish after the fact on the Q-starz. It overlays with google maps, so you just click and put a start/finish anywhere you want to. You can even change the location of it. You can also change/add splits anywhere you want, any time you want as well. Very easy and user friendly.
  15. if you guys are thinking about getting one PM me or email me at

    Because of the agreement I have with Qstarz I cant advertise a price, If i get 5 orders i can make it even sweeter of a deal
  16. I've been running the GPX Pro for a couple race seasons now and it is an amazing help. Just the little things have made a big difference to my racing. If you are going to acquire more than just lap times, then this is the one. (No, I'm not sponsored by them) I've set mine up for just about everything it can handle except lean angle and brake pressure. It is a great fun toy / tool for a tinkerer. It is somewhat complex to install all the bells and whistles properly and I'd recommend an experienced (GPX) tuner do it for you, but the basics are automatic.

    I collect lap times, splits, speed, throttle position, gps track position, gear, front and rear suspension with acceleration, etc... The application is easy and it is astonishing what you'll learn about yourself.

    Come out to the races next season and I'll show you the setup. My bike may be at the IMS too. Best of luck to you!
  17. I also run a GPX Pro. It is a very useful tool. You can really "see why" one lap was faster or slower than the other, once you download the data into your computer. As stated before, it is a bit of a complicated matter to get it set up. It is not "plug and play". You have to hard wire it into your wiring and such. Although, if you did not want things such as TPS, water temp, etc., you could skip the hard wiring and still get speed, lat/long, distance traveled, etc..... Out of all the funtions that it has, I find the TPS the absolutely most valuable feature. You really can see where you are brave or exactly where you chickened out!

    Funny thing is, is that it didn't make me any faster than when I just ran the IR GPX, not one bit! I just now know why I am slow!crackup:
  18. I love how you described it as a "Tool" ....the new gen of "lap timers" are so much more then a timer.

    I don't use mine as much for times as i do for looking at the GPS tracking to see if my lines are consistent, if I'm braking and acellerating at the same points or if I'm consistent on my apex.

    again I had BT1000 out for loan at the MotoFit events, and will continue to do that in 2013
  19. Friction Addiction

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    ^^This. I have one of the 1st gen units and they are great. I've used it on the street too. I don't use it for time or speed, but to learn the routes people drag me on because I don't know how many times I've said "Damn that was great, but I have no idea where the hell I just was!" haha :chduh:
  20. This is all great info. I have used GPS based tools before, for running etc and they give such valuable info. Having no experience with these types of units I wondered about data reliability and dropping of satellite signals etc, but it seems these devices are very robust.
    I hope to have this tool work to improve my riding and make me faster:mfclap:
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