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Great Ride to Highway 53

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by a109driver, May 14, 2010.

  1. We're getting more riders on the coast to go for local rides. We managed to get 5 today and met a couple of others on the ride.

    Ron (ronrdrcr), Nick (rallynz), Trevor (rov3rt), and John (a109driver) all met at Dave's (dposalski) Tsunami Sandwich Shop in Seaside about 3:00pm. I'm starting to feel bad that Dave hasn't been able to go with us yet since he's been working building those fantastic sandwiches. It feels like we're rubbing it in.

    We all headed to Highway 53. When we arrived at the Hamlet Quick Mart, we stopped to regroup and were met by Steve (sman), who we hadn't known before. From there, we scared every living wild animal within listening distance of Highway 53 for the next 30 minutes. We took a break at the south end where we met an R6 rider from Portland. Then, we took 53 back north again and found another rider on a brand new R1.

    Several others were invited but couldn't make it due to work. It was great to meet and ride with you guys. We need to do another one sometime and start earlier so we can go farther and stop for food. I'm keeping a database of local riders in my phone to text you all when we can set one up. You guys should do that too. Thanks for the good time. Let's keep in touch.
  2. I wish I could have went :( It sucked having to work when I knew you guys would be riding.

  3. doh!!! doesnt anybody ride weekends? im jealous!
  4. I'd like to ride this weekend too, but I have some family things going on. I might get to fit in a ride on Saturday afternoon.
  5. time & place to meet is all i need to know!! anybody else?:mfclap:
  6. There is a potential ride brewing for tomorrow, 5/15. I got a call today from a friend who would like to ride in the early afternoon. The route would likely run from Seaside: 26 --> 53 --> Miami and either repeat, or 101 back. Of course, we're open to suggestions. I'll post with some more info tomorrow.
  7. give me a time & place to meet a.s.a.p. , hope more can go!!:301 cell 360 244 0047
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  8. Brian, I hope you got to meet up with Trevor, Rick and the others who went with them. I left you a voice message and texted you some numbers after I missed your call. My youngest kid turned 12 today, and it was a big deal in our family. We took all of them camping last night, then today was movies and a party. I was pretty tied up. I was a bit jealous when I followed Rick on his R1 for a couple of miles down 101 as we were heading to the movies.

    Anyone who made it today, tell me how it went or post up a report here.
  9. way cool on the family dealio! i have 4 grand kids that keep me busy. anyway i left home about 9, just twiddled around a bit & found the lewis & clark road to seaside, way awesome pavement & big sweepers! then i had lunch around noonish at the taco wagon at the old gas station just before the circle circus just before youngs bay bridge bridge! this is the best mexican food i have ever eaten & actually has some kick to it, extremely good & recomended highly!! i get a call there from trevor go to his place head to the chevron gas up & wait for rick at 2, no show so we split south to nahalem & up 53 keeping it down till we hit the twisties i rip the first twistie section & stop to wait for trevor we get goin again & i see the lights blazeing up on trevor were doin 55-60 & the unknown ducati rider blows by , i twist it & when i caught up just before the next twisties he was doin around 120ish i hung onto him for a bit but his far superior suspsnsion left me, boy do i need a upgrade! then we get to the store at 26 & sat for a bit & watched 4 differnt groups come behind us out of 53! no ducatti guy? then rick shows up! i had to head back to longbeach by then so trevor & rick went to feast & more rideing ! theres very few real riders over here to fly with my german buddy hannes maack is away to europe & has a very nice custom bmw r 1100s it flys! im a little concerned yall about the amount of riders on 53 if there behaveing themselfs in the valley area by the famers places & homes! i try my best not to piss people off in the area i like to ride & hope others can do the same! we are our own ambasadors! the weather man lied it stayed overcast hazey all day! but anyday on 2 wheels is a good day!!
  10. That was a great ride John. I think in the 2 or 3 years we've known each other that is the first time we've ridden together. Had a lot of fun and still made it home right at 6pm to cook before work. Now, about those

  11. Should have texted me I would have went....I did nothing all day.Well I did run 47 up and back down real quick because I was bored.Going up pretty much sucks there is quite a bit of gravel but going down isnt too bad.
  12. Hey John, no pictures or video?! Good to hear you're getting out and finding some local riders to enjoy those cool roads. :mfclap:
  13. Hey Doug, I've been so busy with family this weekend, I haven't had time to post any video. I'm not sure when I'll get to it. I haven't even got to view the video yet. My little bullet camera is a pain in the butt and still gives me trouble. We never stop long enough to take pictures, but I'll try to remember that next time.

    One thing I did manage to accomplish over the last couple of weeks was to finally get my OEM exhaust cans done. I've got the race baffles in and they are painted semi-gloss black. They look really good and are a little louder than the Microns. I finally installed them on Friday and got to take the bike out for a test ride. They are awesome! I'll have to show you pics when I can get to it.
  14. Dustan, I think that was a day you were working. We went Thursday afternoon. Some people couldn't go till about 3:00, and several of us had to be back by 6:00, so it was a quick run down 53 and back.
  15. Yeah Ron, That was a lot of fun. We have to go again soon. Now I'm the one in need of some tires. I had invites to go over the last 3 days, but couldn't go on any of them. I was busy with a birthday party, and family campout.
  16. Thats what I was thinking but whatever lol
  17. Don't feel bad, I got home and found a nail in my brand new rear tire. I still haven't received the warranty forms yet to pay for the tires I just had put on. :rant :angry7: :bs:

  18. That sucks! I'm telling you, nails only attack new tires. Each time I've had a new one on mine, I've had a nail within 2 months. Now I only buy used, and I never get a nail. It's a conspiracy.
  19. I think they put magnets in new tires that have a mileage limit on them

  20. I finally got the pics off my phone of the factory exhaust installed with the race baffles. It's a little louder than the Microns I had on before.



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