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Greetings from Germany

Discussion in 'Walla Walla' started by BIGDOG, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Been a while since I last posted. Hard to believe we have been in Germany for one year already.

    Had two friends visit from Walla Walla Army corps this summer.

    We have been touring our butts off this year. Been to the alps four times now. Also went to Innsbruck Austria. Checked out Hitlers eagles nest retreat. Stayed at the Von Trapp family(sound of music) home in Salzburg Austria. Went to Prague, Czech Republic. Checked out Amsterdam. That is a wild city. One big party. But, It looks like the pot bars are going to stop serving non Nederlanders.

    Went to a hooters restaurant while in Prague. I'm going to date myself now. When our waitress greeted us. The first thing that popped into my mind was this. Natasha from the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon.

    Been a blast driving on the autobahn. I've had the wife's 328 & my Zed 4 cruising down the road at 140 MPH. And it was totally legal.:nana It sure can get spendy going that fast though. If I burn through my fuel rations. I then have to buy fuel at German prices. Which is just about $9.00 per gallon. Yikes!

    I wish I had a better internet connection. Hard to load pictures to photobucket at 256K.

    Cheers & Best Regards
    Jerry F.
    Molschbach, Germany

    P.S. If anyone comes to Europe on holiday. Send me a PM. I'll grill up some brats and pour you a cold beer. And point you to some cool spots.
  2. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    I only know two words of German, and I'm not sure if I even spell them correctly.

    Ein bier.

  3. Good on ya for taking advantage of your location and seeing Europe.

    Found any currywurst stands yet?? mmmm.
  4. There are currywurst stands all over. It's one of the basic food groups at festivals.

    Just add the word bitte to the end of ein bier. and you have just asked for "one beer please"
  5. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Danke schön!
  6. If you get a chance post some pictures.
  7. I only have a few photos on photobucket. I just have to find someone that will let me borrow some of their hi speed band width to upload some more photos.

    Link to photobucket

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