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Group buy for ORP track day July 7-8

Discussion in 'Klamath Falls' started by soggydoo, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. I need a Min of 10 people who would like to ride ORP july 7-8 with Motofit Group
    PM me if your interested

    more info to come .....
  2. Would be all over it if I wasnt already signed up for T-Hill that weekend. Keep me posted if you get another group buy for August 18-19 at ORP.

  3. Going to T-Hill 7-8 July as well... But as Young Heart said... Group buy at ORP with Motofit on 18-19 Aug and you can count me in!
  4. HOLLY CRAP!!!!!!!! The Lizard lives. Thought maybe you forgot your password. Or were just too good to get oh here.
  5. You are killing me smalls!!!! You don't need a password to stalk you!!! HA! It's getting so close to Thunderhill track time that I can taste it!!! Maybe we'll see some of the PNWR boys there?:eek:ccasion: