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Group Ride highway 9 Sat 9-1-12---10Am

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Andre 1000, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. A friend of mine is coming up from portland and I'm going to take him on all the twistie roads that I know of up here all weekend, (sat, sun) .

    Meet @ 10:00am at chevron in totem lake in kirkland exit 20B(totem lake blvd) off 405

    Head up I5 to b-ham, exit 231 cross over to 9, on our way down highway 9 once we get close to ebey island we will do that and maybe ben howard and back then to the falls then sr900. IE a lot of riding is the goal.

    Every one is welcome. the pace will be what ever you want. I'll be wearing my full leathers, So i'll be enjoying the corners and then do the limits in the straights.
  2. Might be down to go if more people are showing up

  3. Unless you're on a time frame Saturday, give exit 199 in Marysville a looksie and take your buddy through the Tulalip reservation, Stanwood, ect up to Bellingham. You'll be connected to Chuckanut and you can cross over to lake whatcom rd, hwy 9 south just the same! Less freeway and more twistie roads to show him.
    Might see you guys opposite direction, I'd be going up to Bellingham via 9 and cutting over, maybe head up to Sonic in Ferndale.
  4. college football is tomorrow... but i'm down like the economy on sunday
  5. Wish I had enough time tomorrow to join. I've just got early morning free to ride, then got to be home around noon. :/ Maybe next time. Have fun, ride safe!
  6. 04cbr, fat lane, marcel 1000, all have confirmed

  7. I'll go ahead and confirm for tomorrow as well.
  8. Cool, we were thinking or riding to the ridge to do Tor, on sunday but its up it the air. Just keep following this post.
  9. Wish I could go, but I have friends in town for the PAX expo in seattle, so I can't make it. Have fun though and stay safe.
  10. Not sure I can make it today but would like to tag along tomorrow if that still happens. I'm not to far from that Chevron station....
  11. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I'm 98% in for this.
  12. a lot of riders are going to meet at my place sunday morning to meet and ride to the ridge. @ 9Am And/or we could meet at the same chevron.
  13. 85% sure I can make it, let me know if you decide to meet the Chevron again...
  14. ok I'll let you know
  15. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I think I'm out. The girlfriend wants to "hang out" or some shit like that.
  16. we decided to do windy ridge at 10am this morning at the chevron. hope to see anyone there.
  17. Good meeting you guys=)
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