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Hail, thunder, flash floods, and good times (long)

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Michael Meyers, May 26, 2012.

  1. Earlier this afternoon I forgot I was in Oregon. The sun was out, and I figured it was time for a ride to any where. I took the liner out of my jacket and left my bag of rain gear GPS, snacks, and other goodies at home as I assumed the sun would stay out and I would be in the city. I was riding to get lost though, maybe I should have thought twice about the goodie bag.

    I found myself headed to Newburg from Tigard on 219 practicing my cornering skills, and noticed a sign to head to Bald Peak (where I not been before). The sun was still out, so I took the turn. Half way up the sky started to get really dark, but I figured I would be fine with a little rain.

    It started sprinkling as I headed farther up the windy ass road. I pulled over to close the vents on my jacket and helmet, and air down my tires a bit. Soon it was raining harder than I remember it ever raining before. There was no where to pull over, so I toughed it out until I got to The Park.

    By the time I got there I was completely soaked, and it was raining so hard I could hardly see. I found an out house building and ran over to it after parking my bike under a tree.

    The sky flashed white with lightening, then black with thunder as the rain poured over everything. The sky light in my hid out sounded like a thousand machine guns being fired at once. And everything became a stream, this was a flash flood.

    I figured while I was in there I might as well take a piss. Opening the lid of that toilet was a big mistake. Holy shit, it was bad! Mid piss the sky light started getting louder, and they pounding sound was almost louder than the thunder that was within arms reach. I zipped it up and took a look outside to see hail the size of small grapes smashing into everything, yes my bike too. "Oh fuck"

    The sun was going to be setting in about an hour, so I figured I had a half an hour to dry up and get focused in this smelly ass out house before I had to take off. My cell phone flew off my bike a couple weeks ago, and I had no food or intoxicants. I had to ride home, and while the sun was still out.

    About a half an hour went by, and hail had stopped (not the rain though!). I saw little piece of blue sky in the opposite direction from where I came and decided to risk getting lost get away from the rain/hail/lightening/flooding.

    I was completely soaked, and shaking like a chihuahua in the Arctic. Which did not help my riding at all. I dont have a windshield on my cbr600, but hugging the shit out of the engine in a full tuck helped keep me from completely freezing. I think I may have chipped a tooth or two chattering.

    Finally I made it into Beaverton, where I stopped at the first resturaunt I saw to get some coffe and crepes. From there I got directions on how to get home, and made it safe, very cold and wet, but safe.

    I may have been in a very dangerous situation, but I had the time of my life. I was on a fucking motorcycle, and the whole world was mine. Next time I see any hint of dark clouds in the sky I am taking rain gear, layers, and snacks!

    I have not proof read this yet, and I might not later. Sorry its so rough
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  2. sounds like it - good story!
    glad I live/ride on the dry side

  3. I carry my rain gear year round.

    The weather here can change by the hour.
  4. Yes it can, and yes it does. Lesson learned
  5. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Fixed that for you. :mfclap:
  6. I got all that as well yesterday, up at Detroit Lake. (Other than lightening and the freezing my ass off part) Can't say I feel too cheated, but I do kinda like a good thunderstorm!
  7. Correction excepted.

    It was sunny just 15 minutes ago here in Beaverton, then the sky just opened up something fierce.......the rain was hitting the roof so hard.

    You just never know 'round here.
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  8. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Looking out the south window, sun. Looking out the north window, dark clouds and rain. I love when I can see the storm move across like that.
  9. Ha! Yes I learned my lesson long time ago, in either OR or WA cold is one thing, cold and wet is a whole other thing.

    My rain gear is stowed most of the time, an extra pair of nitril surgical gloves (to cover what I am wearing to make them waterproof), and a small umbrella to stand under till it lightens up. I have tested this, along with the weather testing me. And I agree, they were the most memorable times of my riding life!

  10. The nitrile gloves are a great idea. My A*'s are completely soaked.

    I packed up my rain gear last night, and today's storm was much better.
  11. Thanks for sharing.:mfclap:

    I have a story like that too.

    I hated liking to be on my bike so much that day (just the ride over). Apple Blossom + Honda RC30 = times I will NEVER forget!
  12. I haven't tried apple blossoms yet, but that sounds like quite a challenge!
  13. I'm from Everett so it wasn't far to ride. It was the conditions over that just about killed us. Hardest rain I've ever seen, 2" of snow up on top the pass. So cold I couldn't use the front brakes.
    Soaked through completely and sat half naked in the Laundromat to dry everything out.
    We got to the first gas station and it was sunny. We stood there dripping wet ringing our water proof gloves out.

    We still had a blast!
  14. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    If you ride a motorcycle anywhere in the US you most likely have one (or more) of these stories in your repertoire. A good portion of my riding career can be summed up as a never ending quest to be prepared for inclement weather without looking like Pee Wee Herman wearing Glad Bags.

    It started back in the Cretaceous period when I showed up at a friends house on a beautiful sunny South Carolina day, bragging about the new plastic rain pants and jacket bungeed to the back of my CB 750, only to ride through a wall of rain on the way to meet up with some other riders about 20 minutes later. (The pillion was dry as a bone, I was not. crackup:) It continues to date, testing high tech riding gear on torrential rain going to motorcycle shows because a.) I'm too cheap to pay for parking and 2.) I hate showing up at motorcycle centered events w/o a bike, trying to outrun squall lines in many of the western states, and forging on through mountain passes, knowing that there was dry weather on the far side.

    Each time, the only answer I could have when the non rider who asked me what I was doing was, and remains, "having a lot more fun than you." :mfclap:
  15. I got caught in a thunderstorm while on Hwy 3 in northern California a few years ago. I had my full leathers on and got soaked to the bone by the time I made it back to my motel room in Weaverville. Had my cell phone in my interior chest pocket and it got wet/ruined. :angry7:
  16. Sounds fun. How far did you "get" to ride in the snow?

    Riding is more fun that just anything, even in the rain/cold.

    All the cash in my pocket got completely torn apart when I tried to pull it out.
  17. good story, sounds like mine.
    shitty that you tore up your cash.
    my ride home saturday was the scariest ride yet, but totally worth it.
    i dont know how but my cell phone survived the wet in my pocket and my leather wallet protected my money pretty well.
    my last cell phone survived me falling out of a boat and swimming 10 feet back to the dock so i guess im pretty lucky with them in water.
  18. I carry a couple plastic ziplocks with me on trips...8)
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