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Harbor Freight Lift Coupon

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Sentor, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. There have been quite a few people that I've seen with these lifts.

    For $300, you're getting something good for a sportbike.

    It took me about an hour to find this stupid coupon!

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  4. Oh... Sorry, it is showing me the image when I posted it.

    I'll re-upload it n ow.
  5. This should work. I just bought one today, and it's already up and running in my garage. I got it out of the back of my truck by myself, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, nor would I want to do it again.

    It took about an hour to remove from the vehicle and install.

  6. I literally just set down the flyer i got in the mail. I saw this exact coupon. to bad im in the poor house :( this would come in handy, especially since the stand i use now is falling apart
  7. Mmmmh i might just have to swing by and pick one up
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  8. Yeah, it's going to be pretty nice to have, especially when working on exhausts, chains, front drive sprocket, brakes, ect.

    Just print the coupon, and bring it in there. They'll take the coupons just like that.
  9. Yeah, I wanted black, but I know I'd run into it if the lift wasn't a bright color.

    The wheel chock looks different, and possibly better on that one.
  10. Yeah, it looks pretty similar. They are probably made in the same place. The discount ramps one is a "new" product, so they probably just found out who made the red one and had them paint it black and add the different chock. The shipping on the discount ramps one is a killer for the deal, even though the regular price is quite a bit cheaper than the harbor freight one.

    You could probably throw this on the harbor freight and have a nice setup:

  11. I got the heavy duty one from HF and it has actually turned out to be a decent piece of equipment - my Triump Tiger weighs in at 600 lbs and works just fine sportbikes are no problem either

    One of the few things from there that are worth the bucks
  12. I rolled up most of my quarters to get mine. YES $340 WORTH!!:shock: I saw the coupon # on a different forum and wrote the # down. Took it to the store and asked if it was still good, They said no prob and what a great addition. So much easier to get those jobs done you've been meaning to butt have because it's hard to work on.

    The wheel clamp sucks but that's the only complaint.
    My 900 on it.8)

    The 500 backward.:evil4: I just drilled some holes so I could use straps and I added two "U" bolts as well.

    The Back Bike.:devil:

    I'm going to modify it. The clamp will hold the bike up if you're careful and don't mess with it too much. That's why I use the straps.
    If the wheel chalk was taller and had a valley for the tire to rest in? The clamp would be much better. It's just the friction of the clamp holding it and that's not good enough. Pull that clamp off and toss it in the trash and it'd still be a great lift for the price.:thefinge:
  13. I'm going to mount some kind of rubber or foam on the clamp to settle it a bit, but yeah, it's not that great. It does need to be strapped in, and it would be a good idea for any lift.

    I know Groundscore Fabworks here in Portland (05Viffer and Xunal here on the forum) can make me something very nice.
  14. My favorite part is the oh shit I almost pushed it off if not for the bumper.

    If you guys have any issues with the ramp or coupon, pm me. I might know something or two.
  15. Ya lift was $199.99 in '07, inflation is a MoFo :angry7:

  16. The clamp for the front tire would provide better support if it were relocated further forward or aft of the center of the tire, (as shown in the above photo). When the clamp is located at the center of the tire, it doesn't have much leverage to keep the bike upright.
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