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Harley the only rental option?!?!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Anastasia, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Forced to rent a Harley in Florida :(

    So I will be in Florida for about 8 days starting Saturday. I have a few free days as my wife scuba dives with her mom. I thought I would rent a bike and see some of the state.


    Does anyone know if there is anywhere I can rent something other than a 1500cc exhaust pipe with wheels and why too many boxes and bags all over it?

    I have nothing against Harley riders. I have something against harleys though. And I want to rent something!

    I found a place in Miami that rents BMW's but I will be in Clearwater Beach, just nw of Tampa. Miami is WAY too far to pick up a day rental.

    Somebody? Anybody? Help a gal out! ;)
  2. Google? Or try and find a Florida riders forum that may be area specific?

  3. I think it's going to be hard to find sport/sport touring bikes to rent, I think a lot of shops see them as a huge liability. I rented a Harley (Fatboy-Lo) to tour Yellowstone last year... it definitely solidified my non-desire to own a harley, but it was comfortable and oddly enjoyable to try something different. If you're putting a lot of miles on down there, the option may be a decent one, although if you could find a BMW to rent, that would really be the way to go. 8)
  4. I am surprised to see Harley has such an extensive rental program!! Its Crazy! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I cant even get a Buell out of them :( They ONLY rent 2012 models and we all know there are no 2012 buell's.
  5. If Harley is the only game in town, do they at least have an XR1200 on the rental list? At least that one might deliver some sport-ish fun, but you are going to learn real fast that every road in FL is straight and boring.
  6. If it is anything like Hawaii there are local places that don't seem to come up on google searches but do have other bikes. Try a business directory?
  7. I've tried to rent sport bikes from almost every place I've visited if I was there for more than a week at a time and I always got the same story. "We used to do it, but then to many newbies wrapped themselves around poles and we got sued. It became a liability issue so we just dropped the program all together".
  8. If all you can find are Harley's (And to some of us that is not a bad thing at all) then rent a XR1200.
    If none for rent, then try a Super Glide.

    Who might just fall in love with one.
  9. This is all part of the HOG (Harley owners Group) Fly and ride program.

    If there's a dealership in the area, most likely they will have a rental fleet.
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  10. Check with Eagle where you are going..

    I checked Orlando and they list a Wing or a Honda ST1300

    The miami office lists a Wing and a BMW R1200-GS

    I stopped at the Ducati shop when I was in DC.. The owner said his Eagle guy could get BMW's with some advanced notice. It just wasn't listed on the web page.

    So call em up and ask! It can't hurt.
  11. I rode my Honda down hwy 1, the roads are straight and I was oddly compelled by the squiddish and sunny environment to tie my leathers (and occasionally my lid)to the pillion and do as the Romans did. It was thoroughly enjoyable to go through the little towns in shorts, a tee shirt, and sunglasses. I would go back and putter around on a Harley and have a great time doing it.

    FWIW, I read an article a while back in one of the motorcycle mags and they were test riding the XR1200 on a 2+ mile track, it was finishing about 1.6 seconds off the pace of the 600's.

    It lost the shootout with the Duc Monster but....
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  12. For such straight roads, go in comfort... because sporty-ness and the ability to turn will be just wasted.
    Last time I was in Florida I saw a pack of sport-bike riders. They just would bang through the gears, find top speed... and then pull over and talk about it. Pretty lame really.
  13. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    "fly and ride"?

    I'd act all surprised and shit...but I'm not.
  14. There are many benefits to being a HOG member.
    You can plain your whole trip with HOG, book your flight and get chrome points with your Harley Visa card, get discounts on hotel rooms at any best western and discounts on Harley rentals.

    HOG has rallies and guided tours here and in Europe, Africa and this year one in the middle east, but I think I would pass on that one.
  15. Try something different. No need for a helmet or shirt when on the Harley. Take pics.
  16. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Of the welts on your chest from the bugs and bees!
  17. Great program. The largest motorcycle rental program in the world (and worldwide).
    Used it many times to to try-before-buy on differant models. Very low rates, and you don't have to be a HOG member to rent.

    I agree on trying to get an XR1200. If you've never been on a bagger or any FL, I'm betting you'll dislike the fat, heavy, slow, crappy brakes feel of it. At the least, try a plain Softtail or Sportster 1200.

    Edit: V-Rod might be enjoyable on those straight roads too
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  18. Ha!

  19. Sportsters are fun to ride. As for shorts and a t-shirt. Shorts on a HD are a bad idea. Those pipes will burn anything that even thinks about touching them. Denim on the legs, please. Shirt and helmet, however, are for wussy sport bike riders like me.
  20. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Or women, like the OP. I doubt going topless in Florida is OK.
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