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Heading up to Walla Walla today, any recommended rides while I'm there?

Discussion in 'Walla Walla' started by bloodsarover, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. I'm riding up from Portland this afternoon and plan on spending tomorrow touring the area. Any advice on can't-miss-roads and good local bars would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Contact 'Wistrick' or, 'Gravey86' they both ride in that part of the world.
    However they both work during the day.
    You may not get a reply until later this evening.
    I had a '81 BMW R100! Great bike!

  3. not too much exciting I have found here, but google earth is your friend.
  4. Sorry, been off here for some time. Had alot going on with family issues and then a fire that took our barn next to our Cabinet shop. I think my number is in my profile so just text next time you head this way. I know that we are talking about doing the motorcycle ride for the Gal that was a correctional officer that was killed in monroe, My wife might be the one going if things work out I can get my surgery after a year and 4 months.
  5. Im late on this one ... when ya coming .. go to redmonkeys. Or the green. The green is on isaacs and redmonkeys is downtown off main street next to sprint store. There are no can't miss roads except local roads and backways.if your not from here and don' have a guide you will get lost. Id take ya but im suspended still from last summer till the 26 th. Come after that day and roads are dryill take ya on a smoking bender.... bumpy but I wontleave yapromise
  6. Sorry to post this late. I havent been on here in a while.
    If you back through again, stop by "The Tuxedo" in Prescot, Wa. just north of Walla Walla Mapquest can get you there quickly. Great Burgers and you can either sit in the Tavern side or the Resturaunt Side. Just dont expect too much in appearance the place looks old but food is good.
  7. (Sorry late response-may be of interest to others)

    If you got the time consider taking SR 14 in Washington in lieu of I 84 in Washington. You can then cross the Columbia River via I 82 (Umatila). From there follow the Columbia River Highway to US 12 which takes you to Walla Walla.

    There are lots of small towns along this route with some nice stops along the way. Take your camera you should be able to get some nice pictures if the weather is good.

    Also you will pass Mary Hill Museum, if you have an hour or two its worth a stop.

    Backroad ADV
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  8. Yeah, the Tux has good food. About 8 miles from us and if you here on Wensday night then you can hit Taco night.
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