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Hells Canyon Rally

Discussion in 'Hermiston' started by RondeRider, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Anybody going to the rally this weekend? Looks like it's going to be pretty miserable, weather-wise. If anyone needs a place to throw up a tent, I have a back yard in LG.
  2. Welcome

    Nice offer; not for me this year at least.

  3. Thanks for the offer but I will not be going for the whole weekend. There will be a group of us leaving from Hermiston Starbucks Sunday morning around 9:00am to head over for the day. Our route will be going over Tolgate to Hwy 86 turn off at Alicel, back roads to Union, and Hwy 203 to Baker. You're welcome to meet up with us at Alicel or Union to ride over if you want. Or just meet us in Baker for lunch or down on the main drag where all the bikes will be parked. Just let me know.
  4. Meet at Hermiston Starbucks at 8:30 and leave at 9:00. Be fueled and ready to go. We'll be heading over Tolgate, back roads to Union, Hwy 203 to Baker. We'll be spending a couple of hours in baker having lunch and mingling with the other riders down on Main street. After leaving Baker, we'll be heading back Hwy 7 to Sumpter, Rd 52 to Ukiah, Hwy 395 towards home. For those wanting a shorter day can just take the freeway back from Baker. Please post up if you're interested.
  5. Thanks for the invite. My morning is already booked up, so maybe I'll try to find you guys in Baker later in the day, but it wouldn't be before 1pm. I popped over on Friday and the weather was downright miserable. I hope it warms up a bit for your ride. Tollgate can be pretty chilly.
  6. No worries on the cold weather. That's why we pack heated gear. A must have.
    We'll be leaving Baker around 2:00.
    Here's my cell # 541-571-2219 if you decide to come.

  7. I should be able to manage that, and the forecast for tomorrow is looking dryer, at least. I'll give you a call if i make it over that way


  8. it was good riding with ya'll

  9. How was the road? Planning on hitting it this August.

    Edit: Anymore pictures from the ride? Would love to see some more.
  10. i only took two on the ride, and they were both at the same spot. Pete's waving in the other one. Between Sumpter and the Starkey turn-off, it was pretty ugly. Aside from that, the road was in pretty good shape. Lots of tar snakes coming down the hill into Ukiah, though. had a couple butt-pucker moments when my line found its way onto one of those.

  11. Thanks. Did you ride between Joseph and Halfway? That's the section I'm most interested in.
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  12. Wish we saw u guys! There was 3 of us up there too. We did the "barely" a road to Joseph .... not worthy. Of being used so much gravel, lack if road and rocks with giant holes here and there. :(
  13. As far as I know, it's open, but I've never seen that road in what I'd consider good condition. last time I was on it from Joseph to the hells canyon outlook, it was good. Past that was a crapshoot with cracks, potholes, and gravel.
  14. Yea Jimmy, it was nice meeting you, had a good time, good group to ride with,,
  15. Good meeting you, too, Lee. Hope to burn some dinosaur bones with ya again some day.
  16. It was good to meet and ride with you Jimmy. We'll be sure to do it again sometime.

    Our day started out a little cool at the top of Tolgate at 49, but finished with some perfect weather. We got to the Sumpter Juntion about 1:00pm for lunch and to my surprise the HC Ralley had their venders right across the street at the Hotel. After lunch walked over and bought some shirts, hats, and stickers and left. A lot of people had already left for home probably do to crappy weather so we didn't get to meet a whole of new faces.
    The only road I had any complaints on was Rd 73 (which turns into 52). It was in sad shape at around Granit but the top of 52 made up for it. Wanted to say thanks to the riders that went and looking for the next ride. It was a good all day ride.

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