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HELP! 07 GSXR 600 Wont start

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by west1134, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Ok guys...I had a friend who called me today who's friend needed some bike help and I went over to see what I could do to help. Here's the details:

    2007 GSXR 600, was running fine, guy stopped put down the kickstand and got off the bike. Unfortunately the kickstand wasnt down all the way and the bike tipped over onto its side (still running). Guy picks up bike and it dies.

    NOW it wont start. You turn the key the lights all come on, its in Neutral, kill switch is in on/run position, and you can hear the injectors whine. Then you pull in the clutch and hit the start and absolutely nothing happens, no turn, attempt, noises coming from the starter etc. The only thing that happens is the headlight turns off while the start button is being pressed down.

    Here's what I've checked:

    -Check the clutch cable to make sure it was taught enough to engage for the start
    -Made sure it was in Neutral, Kill switch was on/run position, and clutch was pulled in.
    -Pulled side fairing off, lifted tank and check all visible connections under the bike
    -Pulled seat check battery connection (unfortunately I didnt have my voltage meter with me otherwise I would've checked that too)
    -Checked all fuses I could find under seat, and where the positive battery lead goes into a coupler and goes into what I believe is the starter.
    -Also checked to make sure the kickstand sensor wasnt messed up from the fall.

    So now I'm guess is that something isnt grounding properly somewhere, or the battery might be too low (unlikely), or finally maybe when it tipped over the bike died and the computer is telling it not to start in case fluid got where it isnt supposed to be, and it just needs to be reset before it will try starting again.

    I unplugged the battery and told the guy to let it sit until tommorow to see if it clears the computer (not sure if that will work but figured it wouldnt hurt). BTW when you turn the key the red FI light is on steady, doesnt dissapear but it doesnt show any ERR or CODE or anything of that sort on the display.

    So...any ideas??? I'd like to help this kid out so he doesnt have to shell out a bunch of money to the stealership. THANKS!!!
  2. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    so what happened after leaving the battery d/c for 24 hours?

    did you try starting the bike with the kickstand down and with the kickstand up?

    have you checked the tip over sensor?

  3. I did this work last night about 9pm so I wont know what happened after reconnecting the battery until tonight.

    I did try to start the bike with both the kickstand up & down, no difference.

    Now I've heard of the tip-over sensor, but where is it located, and how do I check it? That sounds like something I should be checking for him.

  4. A tip over senser is fixxed by turning the key on, off, on, off, on, off kinda fast from what Ive been told..
  5. Well we hooked the battery back up, tried turning it over...nothing.

    Then tried the key on, off, on, off on etc. combo and...nothing.

    Bike still wont start, again starter isnt even attempting to. Battery was checked with a voltage meter and it reads good.

    Any ideas guys??
  6. Check the FI fault coeds with the dealer mode "tool" That may point you to what isn't right with the bike...

    GSXR Dealer mode Link
  7. make sure the tip over sensor did not get dislodged from the tip over.
  8. lol oops
  9. Try looking at the trigger switch on the Clutch lever. Sometime the cable comes undone or maybe the little black trigger broke?? Underneath the Lever itself!!
  10. +1 another good one. If the clutch lever touched down it could have be preventing the switch from actuating or the switch could have been damaged.
  11. vagrant

    vagrant »-(¯`·.·´¯)-> PNW

    are you sure the kickstand switch isnt buggered? other than that, what they said ^
  12. Thanks guys for all the great input! I'll forward it on to the bike owner and let you know what happens. The bike did fall on the left side breaking part of the clutch lever off. I will inspect the lever again for any other damage to the components of it.

    Once again where is the tip over sensor located? I keep coming back to a sensor somewhere as the bike seems to do its normal start up sequence fine except the firing part.

    Thanks again for the input.
  13. Hey thanks, those were helpful. The more I'm reading into it, and the fact that when the bike fell, it landed on the clutch lever, breaking the tip off, it sounds like he either broke or jammed the clutch trigger/sensor and that is the cause of the issue.
  14. UPDATE:

    Hey just wanted to share with everyone who helped what the cause & solution was for the bike not starting.

    So I left last weekend for a vacation and the guy I was helping got impatient and didnt want to wait for me to get back to help him so he had the dealership come pick up his bike and bring it to the dealership.

    Upon inspection they found it to be the pin the triggers the switch on the clutch lever had broken off during the tip over, consequently not allowing the switch to be activated and thus the bike to start. Had to replace the clutch lever to fix this and he's back up and running!

    Simply fix, and something I told him to look at but he ended up just taking it to the dealership...I think he walked outta there with only a $138 bill :angry7:

    Oh well, live and learn...maybe next time he'll hesitate before he lets a buddy ride his bike?

    Again thanks everyone for the input!
  15. vagrant

    vagrant »-(¯`·.·´¯)-> PNW

    $138 seems justifiable considering they came and picked the bike up and spent the time to look at it.
  16. This is true...unfortunately I have a negative bias towards this particular shop and will never directly praise them as they've screwed myself and a couple of other buddies over in the past. Who knows, maybe they're doing things different now, its been awhile since I've shopped there!

    :angry7: to the whole ordeal...:mrgreen: to the shop fixing the issue and not railing this guys up the @$$
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