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help me out eburg

Discussion in 'Ellensburg' started by YamiFanatic, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. ok so im from Seattle but i will spending Easter in the Yakima area

    So help me out with the scenic route

    Im planning on taking canyon road from eburg to Yakima but im wondering if there is any road i can take that slightly more exciting that i90 from Seattle to eburg

    anything helps i don't care if it takes me off the beaten path a bit just planning on making it a long ride

    thanks in advance
  2. check out the easter ride in the yakima forum

    sry im not much help
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  3. John wayne trail?? lolz ...

    You should check out Hwy 2 through Leavenworth or maybe 410. Only ones I can think of!
  4. Not many options between SEA and ELN. I guess if you do not want to ride I90 you can always go over Stevens Pass, a nicer ride but significantly longer, then over 97 to E'burg and then the Canyon to Yakima.

    If you want longer routes there is White Pass and even longer the Columbia River on the Washington side and then up through Goldendale. Fun rides but definitely not a practical way to get to Yakima-but if practicality is not an issue you got lots of options.

    That's all I got-enjoy your Easter ride.

    Backroad ADV

    PS based on what I heard on the news 410 will not be open looks like they are talking about opening closer to Memorial Day or so I heard.
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  5. You can get off I-90 in Cle Elum and take HWY 10 along the Yakima river to EBRG then cruise through town and hit Canyon Road then the back road into Selah and back onto the freeway to Yakima. Doesn't add too much more time and it's a nice ride.
  6. ^ That

    If you take the Denny Creek / Asahel Curtis turnoff on I90 just before the pass, you can take the old road (NFD 5800) up between the E and W lanes to Alpental road at the top.

    Tinkham road runs up the valley on the west side to Denny Creek, but it's gravel with lots of potholes. Will mostly be mud this time of year.
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  7. used to be that the Canyon Rd was patrolled heavily, bet it still is.
    just saying, 'be aware.' still the best riding route between the 2 cities.
  8. Ill be riding back from Seattle on the 16th with my new shinny bike if that's when your coming down pm me and well plan a ride. If not those all sound great!
  9. I would suggest exiting at West Nelson off of I-90 (exit 74) follow winding 2 lane road into South Cle Elum, Cle Elum and then S/R 10 along the Yakima river or even my top secret route...west nelson to upper Peoh Point road which parrallels I-90 to Elk Heights (exit 93). Continue east on the county road down through Rocky Canyon to the intersection at east Tanuem Road. Turn left at the "T" intersection and stay on the road to the next "T" intersection on Thorp Hwy. Turn left to intersect s/r 10 or turn right to drive through Thorp, cross I-90 near the fruitstand and stay on the windy road which will bring you back to I-90 at Ellensburg's west interchange at exit 109 0n I-90. Ride I-90 east for 3 miles and exit to canyon road and continue to Yakima. Safe Journey and if you ride s/r 10 and canyon road watch for deer!
  10. ^^^

    Yes. It says 45mph. They WILL pull you at 51 if they're bored.

    Just a heads up.
  11. hey guys sorry been MIA

    i will have to check those routes out

    ya i have been really lucky going down canyon no tickets yet knock on wood.
    I try to keep it tame on the straight sections anyway

    thanks again guys and maybe i might catch some of you in town on saturday