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Help needed with Forks/Alignment

Discussion in 'Central' started by Loop, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Anyone around the area have experience and willing to help out with an alignment issue i have? i have the front cowl and side fairings all off and i can tell there is a small tweak in the alignment after the bike was ran into an embankment then stopped by some barb wire as it layed over on its left side. i was making minor adjustments to the handle bar clamps but this did not remedy the issue and i dont want to start loosing up more clamps or the forks as i dont want to make it worse. Any help from any local hand would be appreciated.
  2. If the forks are twisted and not bent its a pretty simple to fix pm me and I can come by and give u a hand...also google Kawasaki fork alignment and a ton of stuff pops up


  3. I sent u a pm but just in case u didn't get it text me and go from there. My is lupe or loop is what they call me, 541-720-1462