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here is my review of PSSR's Ridge Motorsports Park event

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by soggydoo, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. here is my review of PSSR's Ridge Motorsports Park

    June 17-18 sun mon at the ridge with PSSR

    We've all had tat weekend, Weather is iffy but all our friends are going, and to top it off, I just drove 400 miles to make the event. We got to The Ridge early enough on friday to set up in the sunlight, Get all the bikes out on stands and enjoy a few beers and brats. The Am brought to us heave drizzle and a soaked track and under a yellow flag I made my way thru the first session.

    After pulling in from my session I do what I usually do, check the tire temp. This is not encouraging but I'm there for 2 days so I try to be optimistic. In the second session the track dried out and I never had a wet track session for the rest of the day even while it sprinkled rain the rest of the day.

    Around 3 people started to leave after hearing that it was going to be worse the next day and referring to the mounting black clouds to the west of the track as Proof.

    to read the entire the entire article follow the link
  2. It was a great weekend! Nice write up. It pays to stick it out eh? Never count on the weather guy to tell you when you should ride. :)

  3. I totally agree. Great track, PSSR did a great job. I was only there one day, Monday the 18th.

  4. Nice write up. I'm yet to ride with PSSR but everything I read is very positive.

    Feel like a bit of a dick for mentioning but since it is on your website maybe the bold should read heavy?
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  5. Now my neck hurts! Did you have a jet pack on that day?! :shock:

    I was there that day as well, gorgeous day. Way to light it up out there, jeez
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  6. Damn---my neck hurts, just watching your superfast video---and did you really have to blow by me THAT fast at the end of the straight stretch? Just kidding. Loved my 1.5 seconds of fame on your video. You are an Awesome rider, those are killer times you were doing. :scared

    FZ1 Blue
    Spokane, WA

    p.s. the Ridge is beyond awesome! :shock:
  7. That's an incredible track day video!!

    And yeah, PSSR is nothing short of awesome. :mfclap:
  8. Oh, you're that Canadian on the blue/white gix railing past me like I was standing still... Good to know. :)

    I was at 1:51 and getting passed by you in the corner. :(
  9. Neat long track! Kinda a cross between our Californian tracks (minus the greenery)- lots of double apex turns like Chuckwalla (SoCal desert), fast straights like Willow Springs (ditto), elevation changes like Sears Point/Infineon/Sonoma raceway, one big drop like a mini-corkscrew at Laguna Seca and then trees/rails and boxes near the edge of the track like the Isle of Man....

    But I get all freaked out when I see unprotected anything (trees, Armco guardrails, worker's boxes) anywhere near the track edge. Guess it's justs that old self-survival instinct in me and the experience of 35 surgeries with $1.8 million of medical bills in my history. What a wuss I am...

    But a neat track nonetheless (too bad I've never raced in the rain. What an experience I'm missing. Again, the wuss thing and the fact that I live in southern California where it never rains!)...

  10. I would say, you have a pretty clairvoyant view of the Ridge---even just with the video's. And, Holy Cow, you have had some serious medical bills,-- of course, I work in the medical field and would like to thank you for your support.8) You probably noticed things that I did not, even though I rode it 3 weeks ago. I think the runoff and safety is better than it appears in the video---which is good. Hope you can make a trip to the Ridge---as I think it is destined to become famous and is ridiculously awesome. Thanks for your critique, it was really interesting.


    Spokane, WA
  11. The part that's hard to see in the video is all the blind turn initiations.. there are a lot of them.

    3- blind
    4 -blind
    6- blind .. for some the brake zone is blind, for other the turn in is blind, depends on speed
    7 to 8a-blind
    13- brake zone is blind, but you can see the corner by the time you turn in.

    The track has BY FAR the most grip I have ever experienced and I have been to every track in the Western US except Spokane and Reno Fernley. It also have far more corners with lots of trail braking than most tracks.

    I really like it! :hello1:
  12. Hey,

    Do you race in Canada and/or AMA USA? As far as I know, you were running either record times or close on your fast laps---Eli Edwards is the current track record holder---I think---in the 1:41 range. If that is all correct---Who are you? :scratchea And, what is the rear wheel horsepower of your 600? Were you running race fuel that 6/18 track day? You blew by me at the end of the straight in your video like I was standing still---and I was not off the gas yet and had a headstart down the main straight--pretty sure anyway. Excuse for second---please someone, pass me another brew. :evil4:

    Just curious and impressed. Did you practice you gymnastics up on the slopes of Whistler/Blackcomb skiing? :roll:


    Spokane, WA
    FZ1 blue pylon marker for you
  13. Ok, I just checked---if your times are correct---your last lap was faster by .08 seconds than Eli's 600 class record set in May. Holy cow, WHO ARE YOU?:ninja:


  14. Hi Craig.

    Regarding Eli I seem to remember that he is a bit faster on his 600.. by about .25 of a second I think. And on his 1000 he is about .8 faster.

    I am riding a GSXR 750, not a 600. The engine is bone stock, but stock ECU was re-flashed by Nels, and it has a stand alone HM Quickshifter, and a slip on pipe.

    No... I don't race, but I do ride a lot of trackdays.

    Stop by and say hi next time.... I coach for some of the other TD organizations and am always happy to share a little knowledge.


    Pat Farrand
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2012
  15. Pat,

    I feel a little better, now that I know you have 750gxxr---but, still, you don't race? Have you ever raced? That is crazy fast for anyone---if you have never raced---you are by far the fastest track day rider I have ever seen. Do you mind if I ask your age? If I get over there again, when you are there, I will definitely stop by. I can definitely believe you coach at track days, I am, as others, blown away by your resume of skill. :scared:scratchea

    I have wanted to get a gxxr750 for its combo power and linear motor---but, my 59 year old body protests setup gxxr's, R6's and R1's that I have been privileged to ride at racetracks as loaners to try out--not sure what some of those owners were thinking---maybe they were trying to thin the population out. :roll: Honda 600's reportedly have a little more easy ergos, I may try one of those. If one is in pain due to ergos---it is hard to ride good.


    Craig Bartholomew
    Spokane, WA
  16. Ralph, sorry to derail your thread a bit here.....

    Craig, At 48 years of age I am old enough to know that I need knowledge and understanding to ride faster and safer, so in the last few years I spent some time learning from some good coaches that really know their stuff.

    I did race a long time ago, I raced 1989 and 1990 on a bone stock RZ 350. Back then there were no such thing as trackdays, if you wanted to go on a track you had to join a club and enter races. I had a blast but wife/education/career were beckoning so at the end of the 1990 season I sold everything and didn't ride at all till 2007 when I discovered track days. Since then no racing.... just having fun learning, and riding as many tracks as I am able.

    I am not that fast, I regularly ride with 5 other "trackday only" guys my speed or faster only 1 of which has ever raced.

    Yes the ergo's are a bit of a pain for those of us over 40... I rely on understanding and technique to get the job done vrs brute power and physical flexibility.

    The FZ1 is a great bike.... I assume you have had Barry set up the suspension? If not definitely give him a call.....The 750 is also a great track bike, bar risers might help a lot to make it more comfortable?

    Last edited: Jul 14, 2012
  17. Pat

    If thats how you derail a thread......your welcome to derail my threads any time...
  18. Pat,

    Thanks for the personal insights----you and your friends are still incredibly fast---at least in most mortal's worlds. I know there is a million different levels of "fast"--but, still, in spite of your humble comments---you are very, very fast and evidently have some very fast friends. :mrgreen: I realize that people that are not in their 20's can be very fast, witness 40 year olds in international WSBK racing, winning. It is just that most of us that get older, don't heal up as quick if we have a crash and/or our risk tolerance goes down. Various reasons for that, for each individual, I personally believe pushing hard at anything keeps the brain/muscles in shape when possible and obviously yours are pretty impressive. I know Mike Sullivan was in his early 50's when he retired and he still was running at the front in WMRRA and John Lippis was in his mid 60's when he was still running near the front in 750 WMRRA class---so, yeah, you can not be super young and still be very fast---but, it seems that most of those people start young racing and somehow survive all the bumps and bruises and breaks that racing usually delivers.

    My FZ1 is setup with aftermarket suspension mods, pegs, exhaust---just to make it more track worthy---it does ok and actually Tom Young set up my suspension settings about 2+ years ago at Spokane and it made a world of difference, night and day. Tire wear went down and performance in handling went way up. As you get faster, all those things become more critical as I can tell you and other quick riders have already learned.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights, hope I get to be on the same track with you again sometime.

  19. Pat,

    Thanks for posting up your videos, I used the last one you posted at The Ridge to use as a comparison to my own videos to see what the differences in split times were between different sections of the track to see what areas I was the slowest / losing the most time. I choose to work on those areas this past Thursday (July 12th) and saw some modest improvement, making it a very productive day.
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