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Here's a thought re: drivers on cell phones.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Burphel, May 22, 2012.

  1. So I was reading the thread on MC fatalities staying the same in spite of auto ones going down ( and I had a thought...

    What if we passed a law that allowed police to impound the phones of people caught calling or texting while driving?

    So many people (myself included) are surgically attached to their phones anymore, that something feels very wrong if you lose it or leave it at home. This obsession leads some people to do some pretty stupid things, like talking or texting while operating a two ton death machine. So if people show their inability to drive while in possession of a phone and are witnessed doing so by the people responsible for keeping our streets safe, why not just take their phone away? Tell me that wouldn't get the attention of Soccer Mom, Important Businessman, and Daddy's Little Girl a hell of a lot more than a ticket.

    I know folks here tend toward the libertarian end of the political spectrum, but Wa already has a law on the books about talking/texting while driving, and I'm willing to bet Or does too. Probably not Idaho, they just don't give a fuck. We'd just be adding an option for the officers who actually pull people over for this. The phone could be "impounded for evidence" until the trial or plea. Kinda like getting your vehicle towed under the right circumstances.

    On a side note, does anybody have any statistics from around here on numbers of people who are actually cited for distracted driving?
  2. Oooohhhh that would be soo good ... people would be more careful about being caught lol

  3. How about impound the phone and there vehicle.

    I just don't get the whole "I can't live without my _____" I have a cell phone, half the time it sits on my tool box with a dead battery.
    If you text me, expect a phone call back, I don't text. My friends and kids know this, thus they never text me.
    You do not need to have a phone in your car, we got by for 100 years driving without them.
    Just get in your car, and turn the damn thing off, it will take messages until you turn it back on.
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  4. Why take it away? Where's the revenue in that? Why not actually write tickets for cell phone use? I stopped behind a car where the driver was yapping away on a cell phone and there was a marked cop car stopped right next to her. The LEO did nothing.

    That was money to the coffers sitting right there and they did NOTHING. Don't impound the phone. Write the fucking tickets and get this state out of debt.
  6. seconded

    since i started riding again i have seen SOO many people on their phone. like the law doesn't even exist anymore, either that or is not getting enforced enough. then again i think LEO should lead by example as i see quite the few on their phones as well. yes yes they could be on the phone to dispatch or on some sort of business but how can a onlooker differentiate this?
  7. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    +1 on this. There was a lot of work that went into getting the hands free and no texting bills passed, including from WSP. I just wish they would snap these inattentive mental midgets up and hit them with the full fine.
  8. What if we quit trying to blame everyone else for our own shortcomings? It's quite possible the issue is in the mirror.
  9. Impound the car and instant crushing of the phone. Leave the offender on the side of the road without a phone to use.
  10. It is quite possible that the issue is a combination of both. No need to ignore one or the other. This thread is about cell phones, not squids.
  11. Shortcomings? I've managed to be accident free for quite a while now - *knock on wood.* No thanks to those around me on the road. But where's the harm in thinking that I ought to not be the only one on the road paying attention to traffic? Now it's quite possible the issue is in the mirror, but mine are properly adjusted and I mostly see cars in them.
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  12. The referenced thread and report has zero information on cell phones while driving, or their impact on motorcycle fatalities/accidents.

    That is to your advantage it seems. One of the marketing sheets referenced by the report you referenced in other thread states that "in two vehicle crashes 78% of the motorcycles involved were struck in the front. Only 7% were struck in the rear." So good on you for keeping other motorists behind you, you're decreasing your chances of being in an accident by a large margin just by doing so.

    The harm in thinking that you ought not be the only one on the road paying attention is the responsibility for your life you're inherently giving away to basically anyone.
  13. Whenever I am riding or a passenger in a car, I always look to see how many people are on their phones.... I swear that it is somewhere around 50% of people are on their phones, yapping away holding it in front of their face or texting someone. The law is there, it just needs to be enforced with a vengeance.
  14. Yes, let's give the police the power to start seizing more personal property.

    The law needs to be enforced hard. Zero tolerance, you are getting a ticket. Steep fines. They're is no quick fix to this. It'll take awile with steep penalities to drill the message home. Some will never learn.

    The quick fix is your head on a swivel, being aware, and learning to predict other drives moves, and always leave yourself an escape route.
  15. More retardation. No personal responsibility, ever.

    Text Sender Sued for Allegedly Causing Driver to Crash

    A New Jersey judge will rule this month whether a woman who sent a text message to the driver of a pick-up truck is partially liable for his subsequent crash into a couple riding a motorcycle.

    The case stems from a 2009 accident when a then 19-year-old Kyle Best got into an accident while texting. Best was driving his pick-up truck and replying to a text he had just received from Shannon Colonna when his vehicle drifted into opposing traffic and slammed into David and Linda Kubert’s motorcycle.

    The couple’s injuries were horrific with David Kubert losing his left leg above the knee during the accident and Linda Kubert having her leg later amputated below the knee as a result of her injuries.

    After initially bringing a suit against Best for his role in the accident, the Kuberts’ lawyer, Stephen Weinstein, expanded the complaint to include Colonna as well.

    “They were texting back and forth like a verbal conversation,” Weinstein told “She may not have been physically present, but she was electronically present.”
  16. Studies show that headset cell use in vehicles is about as bad as handheld devices. No cell use by drivers while their vehicle is not parked.
  17. So here is my question for you all, do any of you guys use CB radios on group cruises? or those Bluetooth headsets to talk to you buddies? Should we stop the truckers from using CBs while we are at it, what about police radios, lets remove those too (I actually like that one lol) what I am getting at is I think you should not distract yourself while driving in heavy traffic, and I believe a cop should be able to pull you over if you look distracted, but if you are the only car for 4 city blocks on a 4 lane interstate highway, I think you should be able to drive safe enough while having a conversation with someone. I believe in peoples rights and the use of common sense.
  18. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Was the insurance on the truck driver was limited and the motorcyclists' lawyer was trying to expand the potential source of compensation? Or is it just greet?
  19. hahahahhahahahahahahahah OMG you fucking slay me. You should do stand-up.

    "Use common sense" hahahahaha. That's fantastic.

    Oh wait you're serious you still believe common sense is in fact common.
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