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Hey Beans, I got a new bike...

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by rtc_id, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Dude,
    Steve said you were surprised when you heard I picked up a Duc last season. So here's a personal notice to you that I grabbed another bike to add to the stable. It's that "New year, new bike" affliction I have. Kept the Duc too, in case you're wondering. No, I haven't ridden it yet. It's an ornament for the time being. Just for grins, I posted this in my "home" forum since it's a rarity that I post at all and this subforum gets slagged all the time for lack of participation. Check it out...


    So I get her home from the dealer in middle of the afternoon yesterday, but the kiddies needed some attention since the wife and I were out all day, so I put off riding her around town thinking I'd have a chance today. Well this is what I woke up to this morning. Karma's a bitch...


    I'll change my avatar at some point. The striple is long gone. Or I could wait a few years and see if another one shows up in my garage.

  2. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Awwww I though 'Beans' got a new bike!
    Thats a VERY sexy Triumph ya got there!
    Better bring it to Sportbike Northwest!

  3. Oh sorry man, I tend to leave out pronouns and prepositions and the odd adverb here and there when I'm authoring interweb prose. Too late to edit the title. Well, I may be able to, but I'm too fackin' lazy.

    Thanks for noticing anyway. IIRC, you have one of these too, right? Which colour (notice the British spelling)?

    Lastly, isn't it a bit early for you to be hawking for SBNW? I thought the multi-channel media blitz didn't start until the vernal equinox...

  4. the chemist

    the chemist ducatiduane

    Actually, the tittle is correct. Its all about punctuation in this case.

    If it was

    Hey, beans got a new bike. It would mean beans got a new bike.

    If it was
    Hey beans, got a new bike. You are addressing the sentence to beans. You could use an I in there, but its alright.

    Sweet bike
  5. Oh man, that pre-med education isn't just about A&P and Microbiology, is it? Guess you paid attention in English Comp. Is there an essay section in the MCAT? Hope so, you'd do well, but those essays in standardized exams have a tendency to give one really wicked hand cramps. Hold on, I'm old, we used to have to write those out by hand. You young cats prolly get to use a laptop nowadays...

    Nice catch on the punctuation and the follow on analysis. I didn't think anyone cared anymore. You give me hope for the younger generation.

    Now on to more important things... How do you like the 749? My local Triumph dealer also carries Ducati (and Aprilia, Guzzi and BMW). He tried to get me to take the 848 they had on the floor instead of the 675, but I haven't coveted that bike as long as the Daytona. Way back when, I did want a 748 dark but couldn't swing it as my only bike. I think that's about when I picked up a Falco instead.

  6. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    nice ride old man. keep the avatar, it will confuse the IQ challenged on this forum! now you'll be having some tough decisions on what to ride.
  7. the chemist

    the chemist ducatiduane

    I kind of figured nobody cared at all, but whatever.

    As for my 749...what is there to say. Words cannot describe this bike. It is the most comfortable bike I have sat on. Dont get me wrong, the seat is hell and its aggressive, more so than any other bike but I like that. I like my bike slim at the tank. This bike fits the bill, for me at least. It is the best ride I could imagine. When I ride other peoples' bikes it feels like they're gutless because Im used to the torque. It is hand down the best bike Ive ridden. Id say get one. If anything, for that beautiful noise of the open clutch:mrgreen:
  8. Ohh man! I'm so happy for you! I will ride down there this summer for sure!

    What do you think of the 675 so far? Too much midrange? Did you notice the clock on the dash is HUGE??!???!!!

    Let's see two pictures of the Ducati. One in the garage. One in the snow.
  9. Nice! Those 675's seem to be all the rage, people are snapping them up like candy. Haven't ridden one yet, but now I'm thinking I should just to see what all the hub-bub is about.
  10. When you come down, Sara will make sure a hot meal and an apple pie are ready for you.

    I've ridden it a total of 5 miles. Had a break in the weather a couple weekends back. Every corner had 2 wheel tracks cut into the sand. I gave up out of frustration. It's grunty but the midrange is going to need a few more miles to comment on. I will say this, it's a bit different on take off compared to the 1k cc bikes I've been riding, most of them twins. Almost stalled it first time out. It's by far the tallest and lightest bike I've had. We'll see how I get on with her. I fully expect to cane the crap out of the bike, as soon as the weather and roads clear. Got more snow tonight. I really hate winter.

  11. When I rode a 675, my short inseam was challenged by the very tall seat height. I'm curious if this can be confirmed... I think the seat height is no different than any other bike but since the seat has been increased in width thus making it harder to reach the ground.

    Please, make sure Sara makes a better meal and a better pie than she would if Steve was to show up. :ninja:
  12. Well, folks down here must not be snapping them up. That's how I wound up with this thing. I was at my local Ducati/Aprilia/Vespa/BMW/Triumph/Piaggio dealer kicking tires and checking out the 848 and the sales manager goaded me into taking the 675 off his hands. He had 2 '07's on the floor and "wanted to make room" for the '08's that were coming in. He knocked a grand off of list and I asked him to give me a couple of days. It actually took over a week, but it stuck around. Well, both did - the other one was there a week later. Don't know if they got rid of that one yet. OK, he really didn't have to twist my arm, I've coveted the 675 since they came out. I just didn't think it would do as an only child. Well, between the ST3S and the 675, I'm pretty well covered. I believe I will be spending some time at Miller this riding season.

  13. Oh, I don't know man, this thing has the stance of a stink bug or pron star - you know - head down/ass in the air. I also think the seat's relatively narrow toward the front. It sits higher than the ST3, striple and the Falco. I'm definitely tip-toe'ing.

    When Steve comes down, we don't eat in. He makes us take him out for sushi. Sara could make the best pie ever and Steve wouldn't touch it. He'd watch us eat it and ask how it was, but it's rare that he'll eat something so carbalicious. He likes to suffer.

  14. In your Aerostitch? :mrgreen: