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hey..I'm searching work in spokane

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Tesego, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Yes...I'm searching work in an other continent like Us or Australia or Canada!!
    My actually work is like a dealer of Car ...better known as a Mercedes-Benz dealer !!In particular I organize all the events and manfiestations...promotions and so on...Galadinner, catering, hostess...
    If some aof U con turn me some opportunities of work ...I'll will send my curriculum!! I want to learn english and also know all u're local traditions...I love USA!!...let me know...thx :mrgreen:
  2. If you want to work in any car dealership in Spokane, just show up and hand in your resume and you start the next week. Now is the time they are hiring too, with the spring on the way.

  3. is it so easy? ... I want to come this summer in the States...and if I find my self well there..I'll stay in spokane:mrgreen:
  4. Tes, make sure you can get the appropriate Visas through your consulate in the US or through US Immigration. Once you have cleared that hurdle getting a job selling cars is easy in this town.

    We will be in Roma 20 apr to 24 apr if you want to get together.


  5. Ok ...I'll wait for U we can talk about everything with time ....I'll show Rome ... and I will be U're CICERONE!!:mrgreen:
  6. If you come to the States and want to sell cars (especially at a MB dealer) you don't want to go to Spokane. You should hit up one of the sunny states with high car volume in sales and competition like Southern California or Florida. That way you can ride your motorcycle all year long, sell shit loads of expensive cars and sleep on the beach when you're tired.

    If you want to stick with the Northwest come to the Westside (Seattle) and sell cars here, we have the people with the money to buy the expensive ones. ;)
  7. You should only go to the west side if..........
    You want to sit in traffic, getting rained on (360 days of the year) and paying 10 times what a house is really worthcrackup:
  8. Sorry guys - and no offense to anyone in Spokane as I like Spokane -
    but leaving Rome to sell cars in Spokane crackup:

    That's just funnny!
  9. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    I was thinking the same thing. Nothing against Spokane, but why in the world would you come half-way around the world just to end up in Spokane of all places?! I mean, wouldn't you at least have to head to a major city or something? Go somewhere more interesting! If you want a west coast city, go to the San Francisco area, there's great riding around there and it was voted the #1 city for motorcyclists in the US in '05 by Motorcyclist magazine. Seattle is cool if you don't mind rain, San Diego is cool if you don't like rain...or hit up the east coast, there are tons of interesting cities out there! Spokane? You're nuts!
  10. No offense, but it beats the piss out of Everett on any day of the week -
    don't knock it if you haven't tried it -
    we don't want to get into and east vs west war on this site - we'll all agree that no place has pasta like Roma.
    Peace -

  11. This is city #8 that ive lived in around the west, and its the one Im staying in (yes, this includes being FROM the westside).

    If you like to ride, like seasonal changes, and want to get out of the hectic city life without losing the city amenities, Spokane is perfect.

  12. I'll be in Spokane on Thursday and Friday this week for a job fair my work is having.
    Check it out or stop by and say hi.
  13. UrfavNME

    UrfavNME AnthonyADMulisha<br />Admit or Deny!?!?

    Tesego, I gotta agree with Greene. Spokane pretty much only has a good used car Market. And even then, there are so damn many. Southern California, Urban (pheonix) Arizona, and Florida are your best bets brother. Lotta money to be made there, but here, you may struggle.
  14. Not to put a damper on the festivities, but getting a work visa to come to the U.S. is not simple. For starters, the potential employer has to show that it cannot fill the slot with a U.S. citizen. I doubt there is any shortage of car salemen such that the INS (or whatever they are now called) is going to issue a work visa for that job.
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