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Hey, summers coming

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by Click, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. And we will have heavy rain for the next 3 months if it acts like it has for the last few years.
  2. No shit Varment, but you never have made a camping trip yet. Remember, it's for all of So. Oregon. Since your Imperial leader Cascaderider hasn't gotten anything going on this yet, I had to do something. We change location each year, the first being Diamond Lake, and you still haven't made it. I thought if I posted a link here, you might grace us with your presence.
  3. It isn't a camping trip it is just another DRUNK FEST from what I read and I don't go near them
  4. Since you have not ccome to any of the camping trips, your statement about it being a "DRUNK FEST" doesn't hold much water.

    I went last year, and I don't drink at all, and it was most definitely NOT a drunk fest.

    That's cool that you feel that way though, it will help keep the debbie downers away!! :nana
  5. I have been to enough of the camping and rallies to know 90% are just a reason to get stupid drunk.

    I also refuse to ride with anyone that even has 1 beer when we stop for lunch so my choice is mine and that is how I operate.
  6. Perfect!

    Then get off the thread!
  7. My home forum so you can just go an F... yourself
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  8. Subscribed.
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  9. Look, Click was born and raised in Roseburg...ever heard of Gerretsen building Supply?????

    I am his fiance, and have made several great friends in Roseburg because of him. Click is also a professional brewer, so we bring the beer because everyone looks forward to his personally made beer. And drunk fest is NOT a phrase I woudl use to describe the campout.

    I don't care if you come or not, that is your decision, but don't piss all over this thread just because YOU dont want to go. There are plenty of other threads that you might find more interesting that are actually talking about something you ARE interested in.
  10. Its not my fault you all plan this thing when I have my National Guard weekends, 2 years running now... I did FYI spend some coin for the first trip by buying special camping equipment that would fit on the bike which i still have and plan to use once the trip doesn't fall on a guard weekend.

    first and last weekend in June is no good

    July 13-28 is out, Annual Training

    And most likely the first weekend in August..
  11. Dude, if you know you have no desire to go then why even post up!??? STFU and move on shit stain!

    BTW, I live in Bend and would love to come and see this big drunk Wont be camping, but would love to ride with you guys.
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  12. :mfclap:

    THANK YOU!!! :mfclap:
  13. Its all in the company you keep, nobody forces anyone to have a drink and most of the people I know save a beer or three till after the riding is done for the day myself included. No reason to blast someone for being cautious especially with the whole Washington EMW stories that have become somewhat legend...
  14. Varnment, Click and I were just talking about that. We can't remember anyone really ding much drinking until they all got back from the ride Saturday afternoon........then it was a whole different story!! But most certainly not a drunk fest.
  15. Ok its getting better, bu u guys need to step it up when it comes to personall insullts and the like.
  16. I got banned my first day for personal insults. I want to see how this thing continues, so i need to tone it down a bit! lol
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  17. Everybody lets just keep our composure!!! :nana

  18. If I remember correctly I believe I contributed to that. I didnnt report u I dont think, but I, for the most part, know how to skirt around the rules enough to avoid bannings. Though I have been given a 1 week vacation once. Regardless, you have your Fiance here to keep you updated, So I say let loose and tell evveryone exactly how you feel, dont hold back nnow.
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