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Hi All

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by RC8R, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Just got back from Button Willow raceway ,,Had a 2 day track day for thanksgiving weekend with TrackDaz ,,,, Had a great time :mfclap: but 2 days is a lot and man I m sore

    Saturdays group


    Had fun once the fog burned off ...Wish you guys could make it one of these days
    Me and my zx10 track bike

    Be safe guys & girls :popcorn:
  2. i'm very jealous, looks like a blast

  3. Nice, Man! :mfclap:

    Good to hear from you!!!
    Thought for sure you were coing to visit us this summer...

    Got 6 days in myself this year. Too fun! 8)
  4. 2 days is a lot! Hopefully I'll get more than one weekend in next year...
  5. I hope you do too , I have had 6 this year ,,,, May try for 8 next year ...I m addicted now ..:devil:
  6. Looks like you had a fun time.
  7. Nice job, when you gonna come see us?
  8. ninjaofdoom

    ninjaofdoom <a href="

    Nice pics, but why not track the R? I only did one weekend this year. Took the RC8R to ORP. The bike longs to be run hard at the track. :)
  9. Still going through divorce , Keeps me close to home with all the court days , Not your normal divorce ..
    I would like to track the KTM but if I ever lost it :shock: big money May just bite the bullet and try one next year but thats why i have two track bikes so I dont wreck my street rides ..:devil:

    nakedrider Nice job, when you gonna come see us?

    Hope this coming year, I plan to ride my Goldwing west for a tour :mfclap:
    Final court date is March 30th 2012
  10. Nice track bike! Give it another 10 years and hopefully I'll have one of those too.
  11. dang, is that over a year now?! geez I thought mine was bad. :angry7:
  12. 05 zx10r I also have an 02 zrx 1200 that is a track bike

    Ya a year November 22 .... been to court 4 times this year ... Now shes saying I bet her and she wants an Order of protection ?? Havent seen her in a year & dont want to ..Oregon woman are tough :angry7:
  13. Ha! You think Oregon women are tough - stay away from New Englanders! :innocent: crackup: