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Hi, new member new rider, thinking of the BMW S1000R

Discussion in 'Westside' started by PusiKurac, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys, new member and new rider, looking to purchase a new bike, thinking of a 600cc or a 1000cc, friends recommend a 600 and then upgrade to a 1000a year or so later.

    I test rode the zx6r and it was too fast, was thinking of test riding the zx10r as well.

    Next weekend going out to test ride the 10r and the bmw s1000r.

    I figure might as well get a bike that I will like and keep for a while. Where do you guys usually hangout at and do stunts, I want to start stunting too, but wondering if I should get a bike a used one if Im going to stunt.

    thanks, gotta reprezent
  2. Well trolled, sir.

    BTW, do you know anything about paintball? I'd like to get into it.
    I am looking at a Desert Eagle .50 tomorrow.
    Does that seem like a good starter? I fired a Walther P22 yesterday and it had too much kick.
    Looking for a used .50 since I want to get into tack driving.

  3. If the zx6r is too fast, the zx10r or any 1000cc will be too fast. Start off on a 250... CBR or Ninja. I am a new rider too and a 250 is good enough for me for now... I am looking to upgrade on a 600, but didn't want to start off on it since I wanted to practice on my cornering first on something light. Especially with this rain, I would have probably already wiped out on a 600. I had a lot of friends saying that I should have started off with a 600 or a 1k, but I figured i'd be a lot cooler with a 250 that hasnt been dropped and I know how to ride, then a 600 that is pretty much scraped up with the legs to match.

    Just food for thought. I love my 250 and its plenty fast for me, since I am a new guy. I don't plan on racing, so it works for me. Plus, I'd rather drop a 250, then a 600 or 1k that I paid $10k for...

    I didn't read the part about stunting. I'd learn how to ride first before stunting... Just saying.
  4. thanks for your input

    I have a bunch of friends that race motorcycles and cars, bunch of fast cars like z06 and GTR and I really want something to put a hurting on them, I can see myself doing a flyby wheelie at 100+mph by their cars, so I need something very powerful and fast, I dont think a 600 is fast enough, at least my friend with the z06 beats on them he says.

    I love going fast and always hear girls talking about how guys on bikes are hot, just want to pick up a girl here and there, I think with a bike I should be able to.

    And stunting, I want to start stunting right away, anyone here want to teach me how to do it.
  5. I really hope you are trolling... Btw, a 250 has great 0-60, faster then most cars... I don't see why you are asking for a death sentence just to "be cool".
  6. trolling is not what I am doing, I am seriously interested in stunting and riding, just finished my msf classes few weeks ago and I am ready to reprezent.
  7. Ok so someone help me out here then and point me in the right direction.

    And I dont want to start on a 250, Im way too big for it, years of eating unhealthy and not being active has got me in to a 260lbs lard arse, so I want to ride something that can handle my weight properly.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2012
  8. Don't listen to these pussies.....go big or go home...once you're done with that little bmw s1000r, step up to a busa.
  9. Why would you start on a S1000RR? That thing has so many electronics on it, it'll feel like it has the power of a two fiddy. Fuck that! As donny said, step up and go for the busa or the zx14. Ride it for a year, then turbo that bitch.
  10. You know what, they're right. How about a KTM 1190 RC8?? Great starter bike! :301
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Please buy the S1000RR do a bunch of fly by wheelies and let me know where it gets impounded.
  13. You've got to build up to your troll, you can't just go full retard right off the bat.

  14. It won't be worth much after he wrecks it though... :-/... But anyways, if you know where the auction will take place, let me know! :stir:
  15. crackup:
  16. Well it is very rare that I will comment on a thread such as this. I have a friend here in Okinawa with the same thoughts. He had just passed his MSF like you and wouldn't listen to me and went out and paid 17K for a 2010 R1 here in Japan. He thought because he had passed the class he was a skilled rider. Well lets put it this way one week later with a complete and totaled bike (which his insurance won't cover because they found out he was at fault) along with a broken shoulder and leg he won't be impressing any of the local ladies. You might want to really rethink this, if not best of luck and don't whine and complain. You came here asking for advise yet you come across as not wanting to hear what long term riders have to say. So you know what go for it have fun.
  17. I bet you wear a hoodie, huh?
  18. ANY newer 600 supersport will kick the vette's ass if the person riding it knows what the hell he is doing. Alot of people are starting out on 600s nowadays, and most are still breathing, but if you are brand new, you may wanna start off with a SV650 or something user friendly like that, especially if you are gonna trash it stunting.
  19. with a vest
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