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Holy Explative, this is Very not good.

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by prophetnoise, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Glad i gave the bike a once over before going for a ride. :scared
    Now, to weld it, buy a new frame, or part out the bike and buy a different one.

    Any ideas on how this could have happened? (And no, I didn't crash.)
  2. Looks pretty clean and smooth to be anything other than a cut.

    Have it welded, it's not like it won't be plenty strong afterwards.

  3. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    How could it randomly get cut like that? Did you ever look it over that in-depth before?

    It looks like it's bolted together too... lol
  4. That must be one of them fancy frames!
  5. was there a weld there? if so, poor welding?

    looks like it might be a 2 piece design (for engine removal), but that triangle piece is what is the issue....if so, it should be a much easier fix than you're thinking.
  6. lol

    stupid manufacturers.....better rush out and buy a new bike
  7. i see nothing wrong...
  8. Looks like a clean cut...makes no sense..:tard:
  9. Broken weld on the motor mount looks like it could be a problem. Looks like an easy fix.
  10. I've definitely looked over this bike in depth, several times. I check it every few weeks. It's an old bike. They need extra attention. Also, my friends with old bikes have looked it over. Also, the shops i've been to. Also, Tues Night Coffee people. There's no way we could have all missed it. There is no rust at the breakpoint. It's new.

    And no, it's not supposed to be like that. It's not a 2 pc frame ;o) Here is the other side, one solid frame pipe:

    The engine mount is on both sides of each downtube of the frame (Aka: 2 mounts per downtube) Then the crash bar mounts onto the engine mount. There was no welding there from before i bought the bike. I mean, there's a slim possibility that i never noticed a critical weld on the frame of my bike. But, i've examined the bike over and over. :eek:\

    Either way, to fix the frame, replace the frame, or part it out, i have to completely teardown the bike. {sigh} Might go for something a little more modern.
  11. Last edited: Aug 23, 2011
  12. Obviously not......

    Dur Dah Dur!!!! :tard:
  13. piece 2 is the piece you think is broken.

    but piece 4 the piece you should make sure is fine. if it's fine, it's fine.
  14. I clicked the link. I mispoke when i said it's not a 2 piece. But, at the same time, the engine mount isn't supposed to be bent, and the pieces should probably be lined up, not offset the way they are. You can't see it from the angle of my pic, but the two frame pieces do not line up at all, when looking straight on.
  15. Now you're just reaching for straws.

    Nothing there looks bent other than factory bends. Maybe you should take it to a proffessional, one who knows what kind of "special care" your bike needs and let them make the assertion as to whats bent.
  16. Yup. Pieces 3 and 4 are the mounts holding the frame parts together, and are visible bent askew. That's why the downtubes don't line up, and there is a gaping space between them.
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