Honda JCR Baja CRF450X - JCR Racing Team - Baja 1000

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Show' started by beansbaxter, Dec 12, 2009.

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  2. this bike was awesome in person.

    the silt dust that was on it was super fine and smelled of the BCS salt air. i liked that the didnt wash it. i also like the fact that you could see that one of the riders had dropped it on the right side. also the rear was quite flat from what was probably an epic victory burnout or three.
  3. Deven

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    the headlights on that thing were HUGE!
  4. i would have swapped them out for the HID unit that was on the wheelchair next to it though.

    perhaps i will look into rigging something like that up to the Pig. hmn...this idea has merit.
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    There was also a bike entered by a local team which got 5th in +30 class. It ws upstairs, # 313X, also a CRF450X entered by Snortin' Boar Racing.

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