Horrible pass by a stranger. What do you do?

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Horrible pass by a stranger. What do you do?

  1. Say to yourself "What a douche" shake your head and enjoy the rest of your ride.

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  2. Say to yourself "OH IT'S ON BABY" tap down 3 gears and show him whats what.

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  3. Follow him, wait till he pulls over and give him a real stern talkin to.

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  4. Chase him down. Hit his kill switch. Gloat excessively.

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  1. So, you and your buddy are riding along one of Oregon's many twisty backroads. This road (Aufderheide Pass) happens to be pretty sketchy in spots. With chewed up asphalt, chip seal, ruts, the works. It's your first time on this road and you are taking it easy, getting a feel for things. Besides, it's not the best road for agressive lines and shredding up corners.

    Or so you think....

    After stopping for a break, you and your buddy start meyandering down the road. A left hand corner approaches. You fiddle with a couple things on your bike, and don't think much of the upcoming corner because you are probabally only going about 20mph.

    Out of nowhere a bike comes flying from behind you in the oncoming lane. The rider then crosses back over the solid yellow straight into your path. Before you can even realize what's going on the rider speeds off into the distance. A strange mix of testosterone and adrenalin sets your blood to a mild simmer.

    Decision time.

    Do you:

    -Say to yourself "What a douche" shake your head and enjoy the rest of your ride.

    -Say to yourself "OH IT'S ON BABY" tap down 3 gears and show him whats what.

    -Follow him, wait till he pulls over and give him a real stern talkin to.

    -Chase him down, pull up next to him, give him a friendly wave. Then when he's not looking, hit his kill switch. Stand up on your pegs, hold your hand in the air making the "number one" gesture, while smacking your ass repeatedly.

    What do you do?

    Here's the video:

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  2. -Say to yourself "What a douche" shake your head and enjoy the rest of your ride.

    or if I saw him later I'd attempt to give some polite criticism.
  3. Well, it would irritate me, but I'd probably shake that one off. Thankfully it wasn't a blind corner. What's worse is when you get passed in your OWN lane by a douche who thinks it's fun to pass a pair of riders by splitting them in their lane at a rather high rate of speed. True story, but I'll stop the threadjack at that.
  4. gag83

    Kent, WA
    what do you do? Nothing. Let Darwin handle it
  5. lazyeye

    Albany, Oregon
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    CBR600RR, Bolt
    I'd probably just let him go, unless I was in the mood to see if I could play along.

    Ride your own ride applies to other crotch rocketeers as well as people in a group. Who cares what he did? Didn't look like he endangered you, and you were going RV speed...
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  6. -Get over it, we all do stupid shit like that at one time or another.
  7. Damon Mon Wai

    Damon Mon Wai Inspector Gadget

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    What ever the voices in my head tell me to ride....
    Forget about it and continue on with your ride...

    It looks like he gave you plenty of room before moving back in your lane. I have had that happen to me and have done that to others as well.

    If its a road I know very well I pass when and where I can if there is someone going a lot slower then I am.
  8. Meh, let it go. There are idiots everywhere. And I don't think a talkin' to is gonna change his behavior at all.
  9. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    Mt Hood OR
    Looked like a fairly legit pass to me, especially if you really were going 20mph on a road they're confident on.
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  10. Transported

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    2006 FZ1
    You were just starting out, right? Not even up to speed. He may have been approaching at speed from behind and was irritated that you didn't wait for him to pass. So, he simply did the minor adjustment to get by you to show you his displeasure in fucking up his ride.

    Oh, and while you say it's not a road to be aggressive on, I (and many others) would beg to differ.
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  11. Skwrl

    Skwrl Ninja Master

    Simi Valley, CA

    GTFO of Oregon, but don't come to washington.


  12. Looks to me like you got owned and are now looking for some comforting.

    I'd just shake it off as the dude was out having fun, and at that moment, you were the little old lady practically stopped in the road because you didnt fiddle with your crap before you got back on the road.

    Happy Trails!!!!1!
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  13. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

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    a motorcycle
    None of the above. The pass didn't bother me. Ride on.
  14. I fail to see what he did wrong. He only had to touch his brakes because he couldn't take his normal line entering the corner, you didn't require any adjustment on your part as far as I can see.
  15. Thing is, there no sight line into the corner. An oncoming car could have easily swerved into the OP's lane to avoid hitting the other guy, had there been one.

    Overall it was a dumb move, but I also agree with others... you were putting along in the lane messing with your GPS, which is not a great idea either.
  16. looked like he was just having fun, it wasnt a blind corner and he was clearly going at a higher rate of speed, just shake itt off and keep going on with your ride, no reason to let that spoil your fun
  17. Response #1 never

    Response #2 if it's a nice day or I've had some coffee.

    Response #3 in about 20 years.
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  18. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...
    1. kKk

  19. you forgot about getting your foot run over by the car the guy is driving after you punched him right in the face.
  20. Sorry Bro, didn't mean to startle u....I was in a hurry to get back to bangin ur mom.
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