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Hotels with secured parking in Boise

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by KenInSeattle, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Hey everybody,

    I'm coming down to Boise in late July to produce a bands ep at a local studio and I was wondering if anybody knows of any Hotels that have secured/covered parking for motorcycles? Even though the label is paying for my travel expenses I thought it would be cool to ride my bike down there since the only thing I'm doing is playing producer/engineer. I get to leave all of my remote recording gear behind this time. :mfclap: (I've driven the van down a few times to do some remote recordings) Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll be driving down on a Sunday and driving back on Thursday. I know I could call all of the hotels but I thought perhaps this would be quicker. Thanks.

  2. I have a friend down there who works at KTVB who might know. I'm stuck in Lewiston this week, so I'll make some calls after I get off the air.

  3. Awesome! Thank you. Yeah, they are only laying down drums and bass tracks w/scratch guitars and vocals (thus the short lockout timeframe) and then coming to Seattle to finish up. I've never riden my bike to Boise and thought it would be fun. I'm hoping that I can find someplace secure to park it. I can actually take it inside the studio during the sessions but it's when I'm at the hotel that I'd like secured parking. Thank you again!

  4. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    The Grove Hotel downtown Boise has an underground parking garage.
  5. i think the red lion does as well.... or what was the red lion.
  6. It's Boise, not Seattle. You could leave the key in it parked on the street for crissakes.
  7. yeah, we don't have alarms and wheel locks over here because we don't need them....

    plus it just a yamahahahaha fz6 :thefinge:

  8. fixt :nana
  9. I think down town is the way to go by the capitol building but you will have no worries. You should however ride to Lewiston and come down through McCall it is one of the best rides in the area. I used to live on the east cost and rode Deals Gap a lot and the ride from lewiston to McCall and on to boise was a close second for me.

    Later Zach
  10. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    did the dude ever make it to boise?
  11. wazzu mille

    wazzu mille Hash Brown Boy

    to who?
  12. :scratchea HUH?
    The poster, Ken in seattle.
  13. This is what I do for secure parking.
    You cant see it but, I do have the hotel note pad under the side stand to cause a minimal impression in the carpet.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2008
  14. Yeah, I made it down. Decided to just fly down as I had client meetings to go to the day after the final studio sessions. I had hoped to take a leisurely ride back from Boise but timing didn't work out. I just nabbed a rental car and flew back on the 31st. Thanks to everybody for the info on secure parking. If I ever make it down on my bike I'll know what to do.
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