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House for sale near Corvallis & Mary's Peak

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by ducatichick, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. The time has come, FreeRadical and I have to sell our house after leaving OSU and finding jobs in PDX.

    House is 5.5 miles to downtown Philomath, about 11 miles to OSU campus, and about 2 miles from some of the best motorcycle curves around - 34/Mary's Peak!

    Half acre, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, recent remodels, 20x24 garage/shop with plenty of T8 lighting and updated electrical. Hot tub negotiable.

    MLS listing here


    More pictures here

  2. My wife and I looked at this house when it was for sale over 10 years ago -- she has never let me forget it as she is convinced it was the one that got away. Every time we drive past Pioneer Village it gets quiet in the car and she just looks at me...

    Good luck with the sale!

  3. Dan, you might want to tell her the house is up for sale again then! re-earn those brownie points.

    OP. GLWS. have you considered renting it out? might be a good candidate for those serious junior/senior undergraduate or graduate students.
  4. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    I love that area.... graduated from High School there. We lived up on Vineyard Mt. north of town.

    We used to rip Mary's peak on a regular basis..

    G/L on the sale. Looks like a cool place.
  5. nice house. think i met you at RPM yesterday:scratchea
  6. Stop by for a look see - we listed with NW Realty Consultants so we can "legally" show you the place. You would NOT have wanted this place 10 years ago - it needed so many updates, and now they are DONE! We intended on staying a few more years :x

    Aaaaand, if you stop by this Sunday, you can have freshly baked brownies! Someone is looking at the house tomorrow at 12:30 so tomorrow AM seemed like a good time to bake brownies :evil4:

    We are considering renting it out - definitely will if the house doesn't sell before we leave for Germany in August. :shock:

    Thursday? nope I was "home".
  7. Here's what I mean about the badly needed remodels:
    (click on pic for more info on Master Design Award kitchen remodel 2006, one year before we bought the place)

  8. germany, nice! what's leading you guys out there? that'll be a fun chapter in your lives!

    i'd stop by even if its just for the brownies but i'm visiting both sets of parents before the wife and i leave for our honeymoon in italy :evil4:
  9. Nice house , I mess seeing trees and green stuff .. You guys moving farther north :scratchea
  10. Beautiful kitchen! Although 2 miles from the twisties means some cold tires when you get there.
  11. Moving to Portland for 6-8 months then probably Germany for a few years. :shock:

    I've never had a problem :mrgreen: not even on Pilot Pures which are rumored to heat up slowly. I don't have chicken strips either.
  12. very cool ,, Wow you and Jack are really kickin it .. Germany is a great country too visit , They are uber proud do no wrong people just FYI ..big egos :evil4:
  13. If you can't heat your tires in 2 miles, your not riding hard enough.
  14. +1
    You could do an out and Back on Decker Road as well -- it's RIGHT THERE - beforehand if you want a (slightly) slower warm-up...

    Phuck, what an AWESOME location.... :rant
  15. lena

    lena Staff Member

    I am jealous! I want to go to Germany for a few years ... What's taking you there? I have a couple of friends that just moved to Stuttgart for a year or two, they rented their house, rented their dog, I get all their mail and just cuss quietly ... She just won a weekend with any Mercedes she wants at the Christmas party raffle, dammit!
  16. ^ true dat!!!

    I start a job with Daimler Truck in January in PDX. In July/August, they may send me to Stuttgart for 2-5 years to be "Germanized". Employees get discounts on Mercedes. I wonder if I could get a discount on a Mercedes-Ducati partnership offering :devil:

    What do your friends do?

    I have some cats for rent...
  17. lena

    lena Staff Member

    What the heck is it with Stuttgart?! They both teach at the International American school or something like that. I already have a cat that keeps on living forever, I think I am good but thanks.

    Please don't tell me you will be working on Swan Island ... :shock:
  18. I think Stuttgart is booming right now - apparently Porsche is hiring like crazy and there aren't enough engineers over there. Perhaps that's why there's a bigger need for International American schools? Jack taught science at American schools in Bolivia and Argentina - so he might look into doing that in Germany.

    Yes I'll be on Swan Island...8)
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