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house got broken into >.<

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by rodeo, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. come home from bike night to find someone had broken into my house and gone through it pretty well. However they only took like 4 things. xbox360, ps3, a backpack, and my coin jar. They literally looked through every closet and even went though my dirty clothes haha. They even went through all my guns, moved them to the side and didn't take anything.

    Funny thing was that there's a 42 inch tv in my room and my home theater system with projector hooked up to the ps3 and that's all untouched. Bikes and car in the garage with keys in the house >.< My computer alone was worth more than the shitty xbox/ps3.

    I seriously haven't used either of them on in a YEAR.

    Lame thing is that both of my spare keys for my bikes were in the coin jar =( along with the codes for the replacement attached to them.

    I'm going to sleep with my pistol by my bedside for a while =\
  2. They will come back, they have scouted you out and they want to find a buyer before they come back.

    GET AN ALARM and a gun safe.

  3. Jims08Z06

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    Those kids are likely sitting at home playing with the X box; On a sugar high. (candy/ice-cream from the change) Change the locks, cheaper in the long-run...AJ
  4. dude thats fuckin shitty i hate thieves sorry someone violated your space
  5. RedKat600

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    Most likely a couple of teenagers did that....only kids would take the game consoles and leave the guns and vehicles. Especially with the keys out like that.

    Real thieves don't need to find a buyer first. They know who their buyers are and know what they want. Real thieves would have taken all that they could carry. Bet good money these were just a couple of kids.
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  6. I agree that it was kids. If guns were taken, it gets a kicker added besides B&E. Change the locks and move on. It sucks and I do know that you are pissed because you have been violated (it happened to me and they took even less from me) but you were very lucky so take heart with that.
    Little morons in my old neighborhood (Scenic Shores, Lake Laurence) ended up going to prison for stealing a gun while breaking and entering. 1 took the whole load after 1 other ratted them out.

  7. aw man this makes me feel good =(
  8. I live in lake Lawrence West, so same area
  9. What teen wouldn't steal a gun if they came across it??
    game consoles are easy to get rid of for cash at almost any gaming shop nowadays. Gun fearing tweakers/crackheads in the neighborhood?
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    totally sucks.

    has got to be kids...

    but as others have said, they will be back...
    sucks...but im sure its gonna happen.

    fuck thats lame.
  11. fark just saw that my school backpack is gone with my laptop inside it. easily worth over 1k



    and my shoes. damn it. they took my addidas(s) pricks
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  12. Xbox can be traced as soon as it connects to the internet. Report it to Microsoft.
  13. Wow that fucking blows man. I'd get some rear disc locks too in case they figure out what those keys are for :( Some laptops with windows might be traceable too I think.
  14. Fnnn tweakers.They take easy stuff to pawn.Breakins, bike thefts, dam I am sick of this crap.I am getting another gun to my collection.12 gauge maybe.Sorry about that.Have insurance I hope.
  15. Damn.
    Sorry to read this.
    Your shoes?!
    Fuckin' weirdos...
  16. Dr. E

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    Really sorry to hear about this and I know what your feeling. Our house in NM had the door kicked in and they grabbed electronics and small stuff.

    It does sound like kids and it does sound like they have been watching your house. Totally agree with comments above. Change up your routine, get new locks but most of all...don't let this mind fuck you as there is nothing you can do to undo what has happened. Remember you didn't do anything wrong, you just made it on to someones radar and got hit.
  17. First and foremost....the only good thief is a dead thief.

    With that out of the way, they will be back I'm sure of it. Change the locks, get a safe, and change your routine if you can. I've been there before. It sucks big time.
  18. What teen wouldn't steal a gun if they came across it??

    A smart one! Police seem to look harder when guns are involved.

    At the time, I worked for the Health Dept and had a huge bunch of condoms and lube in a box for handing out on the street. They took all of that, putting it in a pillow case, and my land line phone, leaving the base/charger.

    Good luck with recovery or insurance claim.

  19. This^^

    Haven't been in the area long, and am in one of the nicer hoods around here, but theres constantly tweekers lurking thru and a shitload of bums in all the woods around here. Almost daily, theres 3 of the most haggered spun looking chicks (at least I think they are) all riding bicycles w/ either bike parts or electronic shit strapped to the handle bars. Definite tweekers!

    Went out for a smoke the other night and caught 2 shady lookin' fucks trying to walk off w/ the neighbor kids mt bike....they saw me and dropped it in the street and ran off

    just waiting to catch one in trying to pull some shit w/ my stuff....its just some shit I dont play...bitches or not

    Seems theres more homeless people than I ever remember up north, and I feel bad for alot of them, but cant for those stealin' shit
  20. If they think you go to bike night every week at the same time you could talk to the people behind you. Ride around the block cut thru the yard and be waiting inside in your jammies. When the come start blasting. Let the cops know how you were tucked in bed and thought they were going to rape you.