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How do I change Oil Seal on Suzuki GS500?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by BoomerFTW, May 24, 2011.

  1. Hey, I am trying to figure out how to change the oil seal for the gear shift on a 05 Suzuki GS500. I thought you could just slip out the old one for the new one but I can't find the old one... is it contained in the crankcase? If so what does removing that entail?

  2. Theres gotta be a manual online somewhere.....
  3. Ah they want money, someone help this guy out
  4. Try and get ahold of MB2 on the forum I'm sure he can help, he's got quite a bit of wrench time on his GS. Here is his thread. Clicky
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  5. Yeah I tried looking for an online manual as well but couldn't find a trustworthy site with a free one...
  6. Here is what my gear shift looks like.
    What top of gear shift looks like:
    this is how big the seal is so it can't be put on outside otherwise the gear shift foot part won't fit back on all the way which won't allow the screw to go in (I found this out the hard way)
    another pic for comparison
  7. I think your leak is else where.

    I don't know what the '05 engines look like, but on my bike the cover you pictured is the clutch/gear cover. If you pull that plate off it exposes your front gear, it doesn't actually seal any oil until about 4-5 inches in. That seal looks like it belongs inside the bottom end, which more than likely involves pulling the shift shaft out - which I have no idea how to do - then pulling the old seal out with a pick and pressing the new one in by hand.

    The crankcase however does have a seal that is inside the clutch/gear cover, and it is very possible it is leaking from in there and coming out the other cover. My crankcase cover is leaking, and because the wind blows things around when you ride it looks like the leak is coming from my shifter as well...but I know it isn't. Have you dropped your bike recently?

    That cover shouldn't really leak unless it was hit or smacked, or someone messed with bolts that they shouldn't. Especially at the age of your bike.

    Luckily (hopefully anyways) the crankcase is a pretty easy seal to replace from what I've seen. I plan on welding some skids/reinforcements to my crankcase when I pull it (bought aluminum gas today in fact) so I haven't replaced mine yet, waiting till I have time.

    EDIT: IF that photo is in fact the crankcase, and the gear cover is behind it, you will need a crankcase cover seal as well. If that's the case, you probably have to pull the crankcase cover and the seal is likely hiding inside the cover.

    NOTE: This is all just an educated guess. I've never performed the task you are concerned about.
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  8. no I haven't dropped my bike lately lol although I have ridden on gravel roads, but anyways I left it overnight and It was super obvious it was coming from gear shift. You can't tell now because I cleaned it up trying to fix it but I could see the oil coming from that crack where the gear shift connects. But if you are sure that there is no oil contained in there I will remove side cover and check out the inside.
  9. I wouldn't say I'm certain, as I was just an educated guess.

    However, look at the cable coming out of the top of the cover. It's your clutch cable. Your cable cannot be going into a case that contains oil without a seal, right? And no simple motorcycle should have seals on cables that need to be adjusted and replaced regularly, right? So that case must not have oil in it. Process of elimination, it's key to solving any and all mechanical problems. There's a reason I'm going to school for 6 years to learn that process, it solves problems efficiently - and I'm all about efficiency.
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  10. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    You ready to buy my F2 yet :p
  11. Anyone else know anything about this?
  12. above is for the pushrod seal - the directions seem straight forward.

    for the gearchange shaft seal #29, appears to be in sidecase (as other have suggested)
    BikeB shows:

    I'd expect parts person to give u the later if U just walked in and asked for seal for shifter.
    U have which?

    BTW- dia of sidecover:
  13. I had #29 ordered from hillsboro motorsports specifically for a 05 Suzuki GS500 so it should be the right part.. update: I took off crankcase and thankfullly oil wasn't in there. But there sure was a lot of dirt and grime, still trying to locate source of leak... also trying to clean up as I can't even see where the oil seal would fit/go. In the process my primary gas hose started leaking and that leak turned into a tear, which turned in to the whole hose tearing and gas pouring out... now I am going to get some more hoses and fix that then get back to the oil leak... :(
  14. Are you sure it was an oil leak?

    Not to discredit you, but the gas tank has a drain right above the shifter.

    Don't worry about the gunk build up, I've pulled that cover off a number of times (usually 3-5 months a part) and every time it's had a large amount of crud in there. Just the nature of the beast.

    If it is an oil leak, my money is still on that crankcase cover seal. Clean everything up, go run the bike hard (let it warm up, then run 8-9k cruising RPMs and fast acceleration whenever you're coming from a stop for 20 minutes or so), head in the garage and look for oil.
  15. I checked my oil level when I found the oil puddle in the garage the morning I discovered the issue and it was so low it didn't even show up on the dipstick at all... so yeah pretty sure it's an oil leak lol. Good news is I have the 2 hoses replaced now for gas tank, will try to clean out gunk tomorrow and see if I can locate this flippin oil seal...
  16. lol this is what my bike looks like right now.
    So this is what was hiding under the cover:
    This is where I think the source of the leak is, behind all that gunk...
    see how it is wetter near the bottom.
    Also what the heck is this rod for? I cleaned it off so now it is shiny:[​IMG]
  17. You sir, might reconsider working on your own bike alone with these questions ...if you took time to try and figure it out your self before asking them anyways.

    I'll explain what's up when I get out of the doctors.

    EDIT: Don't take my comment the wrong way, but I feel it's important to have a strong understanding of the bike overall before attempting repairs without a mentor. It seems apparent we are acting as your mentor, so I suggest using caution working on your doing the wrong things can endanger you.

    The metal rod sticking out is for your clutch, that cover you pulled has a spring deal that pushes the rod in when you pull your clutch cable.

    The gunk in your pictures is normal, in fact mine was worse when I pulled mine the first time - way worse.

    Your chain appears as if it may be dry, whens the last time you lubed it? If you don't know and you've been riding it a decent amount, lube that sucker up.

    And lastly, the oil in your pictures doesn't look all that bad. Whens the last time you changed your oil? Making sure your oil level is decent is something you should check every couple times you ride. Just because you are low on oil doesn't mean that 'leak' is how you lost it, especially if you don't know when the last oil change was. From the images you've shown, I wouldn't stress any leak problems. I would change the oil and then start paying attention to see what happens. If you're not leaving oil stains where you park, you are probably fine.

    I've been leaving oil stains in my garage for 2 months now.
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