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How do you haul X-tra fuel on your bike?

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by james1300, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    This is a question for the 'Adventure Riders'. How do you haul your X-tra fuel?
    I have an O-size Acerbis tank. But, what if You need more?
    What do you use? How do you carry it?
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  2. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    i use a gas can and some bungee cords.

  3. they put gas stations about every 10-100 miles where i come from.
  4. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

  5. I was curious about those. Has anyone tried them out?
  6. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    I had something similar when I had my KTM and used to take them in the woods with me in a pack. Worked great!
  7. I have two; both hold one liter. They are MSR brand. I carry them on my 'tard when I'm not sure of the distance I'll be traveling. They have never leaked, but I am careful to leave an air space to allow for expansion. Good for 30+ extra miles on my little 250.

  8. Depends on the situation. I've done the 1/2 gallon of gas in a plastic milk jug in a back pack to the 1.5 gallon gas can on a dedicated mount to the tail of the bike. And then there's everything inbetween.
  9. I saw a bike at the Backfire and the whole rear fender and side covers (all 1 piece) was a fuel tank. Looked like it could hold at least 5 gal.
  10. buy a really over sized aftermarket gas tank :)
  11. I also use the MSR bottles. 2) 1.5 liter, in the panniers, NEVER leaks.

    Cause sometimes, you're on roads where there aren't fuel stations every 10-100 miles.
  12. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    I bought the biggest one I could find!:mrgreen:
  13. A small rear fender rack with a Rotopax is what I'm looking to do on my XR650R with the big Clarke tank. Just in case.
  14. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    55 bucks!!! HOLY CRAP!
  15. Since I have a deathly fear of burning to death, carrying fuel in a backpack or held down with a bungee cord doesn't give me warm fuzzies.
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  16. I put a 2 gallon can of gas on my luggage rack and the tank holds 4.5 gallons. Only use it riding from Portland to Vegas as I like to take HWY 50 and there are very few chances for gas inbetween. Also HWY 50 is so deserted you can go fast and my milage suffers as a result.

    Normally however the 4.5 gallons lasts for 200-225 miles depending on responsible throttle control. :)
  17. I've heard that Willy carries a spare gas can on the tail section of his bike (near the flamable material next to the exhaust...).
  18. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Maybe baggies? You know, 'Zip-Loks'?
  19. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    My tank is good for 150mi+, which is more than my ass is good for!?!
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