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How many miles is too many miles on a motorcycle??

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. How many miles do you expect to get out of modern motorcycles?

    How many miles is too many before you consider purchasing a new motorcycle?
  2. For me it's more like purchase another motorcycle and keep my old one.
    No plans for that soon as my bike still feels new.
    I just had Adrian go over it and do a complete service with valve adjustment at 27k and it's in great shape.

    For me the correct break in of your new motor = long life.
    I'll report again at 50k

  3. RVFR

    RVFR Pilot in Command

    Agree with Buz, Mine is in fine shape with 39K Funny bikes today go thousands of miles, not like in the 60's if you had a bike with 10k on it you best be getting rid of it.
  4. i think it has too many miles when there's nothing you can do to fix it anymore
  5. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    My K100 BMW had 116,000 miles and still was going strong. My R100 had 67,ooo and still was rolling good. My R1100R has 67,000 miles and still performs well. The FJR1300 has 64,000 miles and runs great. If you maintain them I think they ALL can do well. The key for me, is to follow the maintance schedual in your owners manual
  6. I was always under the impression that engine life is relative to the size of the engine. Wish there was proof of this or some ratios.

    For example a semi truck will usually be ran for millions of miles while a car will go up to 200k then a motorbike will go up to 50k or 75k.

    On my W650 I would think that 20k miles would be a good point to trade up while on the sv I might wait till 30k or so.
  7. RVFR

    RVFR Pilot in Command

    Damn can't find the article, but there's a dude over in the UK that uses his bikes for a delivery service, one of them was a 90 VFR, he retired it after 800,000 plus, his newer ride a 98 CBRxx has over 440,000 and still going strong.
    also read about a guy with a BMW with over 500,000k I'm thinking we get tired or worn out before the bike does.
  8. If a person doesn't wreck it first, and does the required maintenance-meaning when something wears out, it gets replaced (chain, sprockets, air filter, tires, oil, bearings, lube the pivot point and that sort of stuff) I wouldn't be surprised to see tons of 100,000+ mile bikes out there. Usually the wreck happens, though.
  9. pjd

    pjd Moderator Staff Member

    I remember that too, it was posted here. He had one bike for 3 weeks and returned it to the dealer with like 12,000 or 14,000 miles on it. The salesman asked him what the heck he was supposed to do with it now? :evil4:
  10. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    I think that is the key right answer to this question today, is that I'll keep my current ride till 25K or so....but who knows..maybe I'll get the itch earlier:mrgreen:
    I've seen plenty of Busa's with 60-70K still going strong. Like James13 said...if you take good care of it, it'll last.
  11. I expect to get 100,000 from my HD. I was getting the itch to go to a sport tourer, but the reality of commuting in all kinds of weather, and carrying stuff so I can go from 80's during one day, to snow in the morning the next day, (woke up in Wyoming in June to snow!) will keep me with the HD. + anyone anywhere can fix one.
  12. except the people designing them crackup:

    I think the mileage is really going to depend on how well it was taken care of. From the view point of the public ( generally the "squidly" sport bike buyers ) It seems like the perception is anything over 10k is high mileage. You rarely see newer sport bikes for sale with a lot of miles on them because the majority of people are fair weather riders or the bought it and it was too fast or too akward to ride. I have friends with 02 and 03's with 5k on them; I put that on the clock during June and july. It seems to me people who rarely ride rarely do maintainence work either. Their the people who sell bikes with 8k on the clock and a new clutch :tard: The people on here who sell bikes with low miles generally have a whole stable of machines in the garage thus resulting in less frequent beatings :mrgreen: All the high mileage bikes are still in the hands of the owner putting those miles down and thus why you dont see them for sale too often. Again, this is only my opinion, and due to a large intake of various drugs and heavy alcohol abuse, should be taken lightly.

    Ive strayed from the subject, so to get back to it, I think most machines should be capable of 100k easy ( except kawasaki :thefinge: ) With routine care and no serious wrecks. Your track bikes may be another story though...
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  13. Well maintained they should run "forever" obviously not forever but will last a very long time.My Busa had 34K in 18mo. and as far as I'm concerned she was just getting broken in,D
  14. RedVFR

    RedVFR Fast, Easy, and Old Fashioned

    Just shy of 33k on mine and running great. Funny thing is, I never would've thought I'd be comfortable with my bike having this many miles on it. I have ZERO problem with it at this point.
  15. My goal is to hit 100k on mine. I'm nearly halfway there. I think the biggest hurdle will be suppressing the urge to throw down for a new Busa. :tard:
  16. The only reason my Z1000 only has just shy of 37k is I haven't had the chance to ride it that much during the last year, working far more hours than I'd trips to Laguna like last year, or Bay Area since Kevin moved up from SJ. I figured by now it would've had at least 50k but we've also put on about 20-25k total on the various vintage bikes in the last 3 years.

    As soon as something starts wearing out, or I get the itch to do some more mods on the smokers, the bike in question sits until the part(s) come in, and we just ride the others. Both the RZ and '75 RD350 have been running nearly flawless the last 3 years, but that's mostly in part to Kevin's meticulous maintenance. He's doing the majority of it now, but I contribute stuff here & there when I actually get a day off :banghead: The way I figure it, if we continue to keep up/maintain them with diligence, I can them ride all these until I can't ride anymore.
  17. Well, my timing chain stretched too far on my old bike at 76k.

    My old '75 Beemer had unknown miles. The odometer broke at 90-something, way before I got it, after which it got quarterly oil changes for years.
  18. My Busa had over 40,000 hard ridden miles before I sold it. Compression test shows 190s in all 4 cylinders and I never had to adjust out any of the valves. In my opinion, all modern bikes are fairly reliable as long as you keep up with maintenance.
  19. Depends on the bike, how it's maintained, and how it's ridden.

    For example, the Moto Guzzi 90-degree V-twins aren't really fully broken in until they have around 50K or so on them. It's not unusual to have them go for 250-300K. At that rate, I fully expect mine to last me for as long as I'm able to ride, or until I start forgetting where I parked it.
  20. Shrek X

    Shrek X Mr. 500,000

    do you know where it is now?

    just helpin ya out :mrgreen:
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