How many races will Ben Spies win in MotoGP

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Feb 22, 2010.

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    For the 2010 MotoGP race season, how many races will Ben Spies finish on the podium?

    What are your predictions?
  2. I hope he's on the podium several times this year but I doubt he will actually win any (1st Place) this year. But next year look out.:mfclap:
  3. 0 +0 =0crackup:
  4. My guess is one podium in a stunning fashion mid season and one in the last two races as things tend to get a bit weird due to points. They will be the result of Rossi riding Lorenzo into another get-off.

    Podiums. Not wins.
  5. seriious?


    Unless all the other major players fall off, get injured or crash in a turn 1 pileup.
  6. Yup.

    Beans : try the search button this has been discussed at leangth in the racing section :thefinge:
  7. i actually think he will be fairly successful this year; 3 wins and 6 other podiums. no one expected him to do much in wsbk and he set the record for poles (11) and had a bunch of wins (i think 14). most of the tracks he had not ridden on prior to the opening practice. he is a very intelligent and talented rider who learns his bike and tracks incredibly quickly.
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    I would not rule a win out, look at his year in WSBK. It doesnt seem likely considering the 4 aliens and the other top riders on what should be better machinery.
  9. who... in what?

    shouldnt this be in the track section?...
    someone infract him!

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  10. At least one, but two would be sweet!
  11. Let's see Rossi Stoner Lorenzo Pedro. He might get a fourth place one race when one of said riders crashes (Lorenzo). But not likely. Hope I'm wrong though.
  12. its going to be stoner and rossi/lorenzo swippity swappity. pedro had some thinder a cpl years ago but hes washed up.

    4th is up for grabs. probably spies.
  13. ALL OF THEM! Hasn't anybody else been watching the Olympics. Americans are just better then everyone else. All Spies will have to do is show up :thefinge:
  14. Sound logic if I've ever heard it... :scratchea
  15. I'm gonna say it. I bet he crashes hard early on, gets hurt, and spends alot of time recovering. kinda like John Hopkins :roll:
  16. Nex


    I hope not. There has to be some new blood that does well in GP, make it a bit more exciting to watch... When they go to 1000cc bikes he may do better since that's what he seems to be good at. Ether way I doubt top riders will change from 2009 season.

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    That could happen, but I hope not. I think he'll do well for a rookie and podium at least two or three times if he rides intelligently and waits for his opportunities. If he rides with a 'win it or bin it' attitude, he may very well crash out, like you say.
  18. Fortunately, everything he's said and everything I've seen on track indicates to me that he doesn't have a "win it or bin it" take on racing. I would say that his attitude about riding reminds me of Rossi's, if not as... romantic.

    REMINDS ME. I did NOT just say that it, or they are the same.
  19. st.mats

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    A bike with two wheels.
    I think you're probably right about the attitude, but I was making a reference to his rocky start in last years WSBK. Anyway, who knows what will happen, he certainly surprised a lot of people last year.
  20. I think he will show the same learning curve as in WSBK, crash out and not do so well in the beginning, then things will heat up....
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