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How to handle forest rats (deer).

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Mrmat25, May 13, 2012.

  1. Short version:

    Do you guys (or gals) blip the trottle at deer to scare them off, or do you just let the forest rats be?

    Long version:

    So three of us were riding late afternoon and we decided to do the Cougar-Carson route. We went with Cougar-Carson vs. Carson-Cougar for the sole reason that we did not want to be in the tighter roads up by Cougar near dusk when the elk and deer come out.

    As we dropped down onto Wind River road (headed into Carson) the Elk start popping out. A little further down the road we come across two blacktail deer. I blipped my throttle to scare them off. On the first blip they jumped and started running away from the road. However, the second time I did it one of the deer did an about face and ran out on the road right in between the two bikes following behind me.

    Anyway, my question is: do you guys blip the trottle at deer to scare them off, or do you just let the forest rats be?
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  2. Let off a few rounds they will think its hunting season again and go hide so noone can shoot them, damn smart animals hiding during hunting season! lol
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  3. I've yet to have a bike loud enough that blipping the throttle would even get their attention - so I guess it would be 'let them be'. The one thing I have learned is, if you can't stop in time, don't try to predict where they're going to be and avoid them - just aim for where they are, since you can be pretty certain they'll be somewhere else by the time you get there. :scared
  4. Yeah no shit, you never see them bastards wandering around out in the open when hunting. I think the come looking for paybacks when we are on bikes.
  5. We were moving slow (I think the speed limit) and my bike got their attention (1k with a two brothers pipe). The deer were only about 10 yards off the road.
  6. I prefer to strike them mid-torso at roughly 45mph.

    A couple years after I took down my deer I was riding to Sunrise Point by Mt. Rainier at about 3am and encountered several elk on the road. Most disbanded but one stubborn calf kept running down the road in front of me. No amount of throttle blipping or horn honking was going to get it off of the road. I eventually realized that Mama Elk was probably going to come up from behind and eat me, so I found a gap and went for it.
  7. Aim for their asses when they are in the road.... Had one on the side of the road so I blipped the throttle on my Ninja 650R with Arrow pipe... Scared him good so he started running along side me, If I'd have just left enough alone I think he would have just stood there. My assessment is to not TRY to get them to run since they might just run right in front/into you or your buddies...
  8. I am kinda leaning that way after yesterday's results. I have seen it work well to get the Turkeys away from and out of the road in Klickitat.
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  9. You never know what the heck they are going to do. Much like driving in the city and seeing grandma with coke bottle glasses pull up to an intersection. All you can do is plan an escape route and hope for the best.
  10. I prefer to go slow and enjoy the view and I try to keep my bike quiet and I just keep and eye out for them and stay towards the center of the road during the dusk runs through there
  11. Just pray they don't land in your lap! :scared

    Depends on where you are. There are the skiddish type, and then there's the domesticated bad mothers. The rural backwoods critters are completely unpredictable, there's no telling what they will do. Just slow down and get by safely, give them as much room as possible.

    Urban types don't give a rats ass. I've come as close as parked next to one, yelling at it to get out of the road. It just looked at me as if I was being retarded. I almost got off the bike and would have punched that sucker in the face but that's not how I roll.

    If you find yourself about to impact one, just get on the gas and look where your going and for Christ's sake, don't freak out!:shock:
  12. unpredictable at best - just slow waydown, remember they travel in groups.
    Where's Kolat with a snappy gun comment?
  13. Since I don't have a .50 calibre browning front-mounted on the motorcycle, I just leave them be.

    You're right -- They're just as apt to run directly at you as to run away...

  14. Slow down and stay to the center, looking for the rest of their gang. If this is not feasible, aim for their ass like said above. if they don't move, you can swerve, and if they do move they sure as hell aren't moving towards their own ass.
  15. If you see them slow down and cover the brakes, dumb sumbitches will jump right out in front of you when you least expect it.
  16. They have reflexes like a cat, meaning they will jump out in front of you at the LAST minute. So why in the hell would you be so stupid to blip your throttle intentionally??? You just asking for trouble?

    If you can, slow down, cover the brakes, and pass slowly. Treat them like you do with riders on horses, and it's all good!
  17. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

  18. I like Kolat shoot them in the face.
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