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How to ride lidless in Washington State..

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Pointman, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Own a motorcycle classified as an Antique.......the problem is not all officers/troopers/deputies are aware of this RCW so be prepared for a stop.

    RCW 46.37.530

    (c) For any person to operate or ride upon a motorcycle, motor-driven cycle, or moped on a state highway, county road, or city street unless wearing upon his or her head a motorcycle helmet except when the vehicle is an antique motor-driven cycle or automobile that is licensed as a motorcycle or when the vehicle is equipped with seat belts and roll bars approved by the state patrol.

    Party on! :devil:

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  2. I don't get you and your anti-helmet stuff. I don't give a shit what the law says, it's plain common sense to wear a full helmet.

    Can I pull the plug if you wind up a vegetable? Maybe the non-helmet people should be issued "do not resuscitate" bracelets.

    -shakes head and walks away................

  3. You'd spend a lot of time getting stopped and explaining, re-explaining and still getting a few tickets that may get thrown out later, possibly. :) It would make for a unpleasant ride I would think.
  4. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    Wait, so that means all Harleys built from 1903-2008 are exempt form the helmet law!!! badump-bump pssh! :thefinge:
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  5. Let those that ride decide- this is the first state that I was forced to wear a helmet- my choice-my life and nobody has anything else to do with it.

    There's an equal amount of contradictory data that helmets are not safe in all accident scenerios.

  6. I'd carry a copy of the RCW for the learning impaired...:devil:
  7. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    ooks reply yet again coming in
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  8. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    No shit. A helmet is not a magic cure all. :roll: It will save you in the majority of common crashes, just not all (and I'm talkin DOT full face, not chrome brain buckets). But it will not HINDER you. BTW, there is no "contradictory data", there are just certain incidents that a helmet will not mystically stop the forces of inertia and physics.
    I normally stay out of helmet threads, if you don't want to wear a helmet fine, I really don't care, but if you're gonna spew made up shit then I'm gonna call you on it.
  9. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    Damn. You, sir, just got rep'd. I normally stay outta helmet threads, are you standing out my window watching me type this shit up?!?
    *insert psycho music* REEE REEE REEE REEE REEE :thefinge:

  10. that is honastly one of the most ignorant comments i have heard.
  11. It's not fabricated, it's sound data.

    BTW- Why can't you wear a helmet while operating a car or truck on the public highways?

    Read up on cervical hyper extension and jugular tearing with helmet'll scare you.

    Put your faith in a fishbowl designed to only protect you to 13 mph if you want-

    If you don't want to learn anything new fine- just don't come off as all knowing about something I've been involved in for decades..

    And there is no approved DOT helmet list- it's a lie.

  12. Whatever. :devil:
  13. What I appreciate is how someone brings up some information that people disagree with they attack the person rather than defend their objections with examples.........real class dialogue.

    Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining. :thefinge:
  14. Even if you're right about the helmet data being contradictory: at least I can look forward to an open casket funeral.
  15. I personally saw chunks of a mans head 60 feet up to the body back in the early 80's, after his bike went down, after finding some gravel in a corner he took at about 35-40mph. I will never forget that.
    Now i have two buddies that are still on this forum even today, that I have known from the 80's who both have been down at speeds of around 55-70mph, both full face helmets, both still alive. Enough said.
  16. Got a much better idea for ya.

    If you're going to post BS against common knowledge, you should cite sources and explain the facts and where we are all wrong. Burden's on you to convince us without personal attacks, baiting, and throwing blanket statements like "read up on cervical hyper extension and jugular tearing with helmet use". Knowing what we do about head injuries, explain why these very minor (in number and severity relative to other head injuries) injuries should bother so much?

    Remember, we have a large body of evidence against which you swim, please feel free to enlighten us.
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  17. That Sir, is a violation of PNWR rule # something or other, brand bashing. This rule only applies to Harley Davidson motorcycles (Not Honda, KTM, Triumph, ect) and is punishable by limp dick infractions, ect.
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  18. I like wearing a full face helmet. Cant imagine getting hit by a bumblebee without it, ouch.
  19. Hey, you don't need a helmet if your bike isn't capable of going faster than 35.
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