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How to take road pics safely while on bike

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by yellowfin, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. The title says it all. Any suggestions?
  2. My first choice would be a Gopro or Contour on a RAM mount you can turn to any angle. Then set the camera to either movie mode or a still shot every 2 seconds.

  3. What kind of pics? High quality HD video and high end stills? Or good enough to prove you were there and did that?

    The former, GoPro/Contour route.

    The latter, inexpensive DVR's that run on 12VDC and take SD cards and have 2 channles with mounted security cameras have worked well for me in the past.
  4. GoPro or Contour.
    Something that you don't actually need to "take" photos with.
    Please don't ask for suggestions on safely sending text messages while riding in your next thread.
  5. I'm getting (back) in to photography and was just reading an article in a photo mag yesterday. It showed a guy who needed to mount a camera in a few places on his mountain bike, and in his case it had to be a heavy DSLR.

    He used his tripod and "gaffers tape" (NFI what that is) and got some rear 3/4 views that were pretty awesome. He did one up high, one down low and one in front of his chest. Got some great shots and on a rough trail even.

    I have a tripod I'm not in love with so I'm thinking about doing something like drilling holes in the bottoms of the legs and using something very secure. I'd rather not spatter my new camera on Hwy 123.

    May not be ideal but looks a tad safer than standing up looking backwards.8)
  6. RAM mounts with the camera attachment, tailor to fit with different length arms. Ive used various point and shoots, smaller vid cameras, D40 and a D700 all without problems (other than my no talent ass trying to take fancy shots crackup: )
  7. gaffer tape + gorilla tape..
  8. galenernest

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  9. This. I just don't want to stop every 5 minutes on a good road.
  10. There is a Contour roam in classifieds right now for well under retail. One big switch to operate and you have very nice video or you can set it to take photos instead using your computer. No controls on the camera itself aside from a big on switch.
  11. FireDave

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    Steady weight on the pegs, a steady hand and no cross winds. It's not hard.


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