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How young is too young?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Andy Capp, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. I didn't start riding until much later in life (24yo?) and my slow progress has left me wishing I'd have started I decided I was going to give my lad every opportunity he wishes (and within our finances) to ride but at 2.5 he is probably too young. In the meantime dad gets a cool pit bike for the yard :evil4:


    How old were you when you started riding?
  2. 18 for me. And yeah, we have a little one on the way, and we're already talking about when/how he'll start (if he wants to).

  3. I will have my son on a PW50 by 2 years old, training wheels, leash and all. Gotta start 'em young!

    That Kiddimoto pushbike is sick...time to break out the wallet.
  4. I started when I was 12 but I gave my niece a pink leg powered sportbike for her 2nd birthday. She calls me Uncle Vroom Vroom.
  5. I've heard not to put training wheels on anything, as it throws off their ability to manuever once off the bike.

    Those pedal-less bikes are where it's at for teaching!
  6. Started with an 80cc 3 wheeler. age 7 i think. Then we got a 125cc three wheeler and a 50cc mini honda bike!

    Then my neighbor at age 10-12ish got an 80cc two stroke so i got an xr200 to ride with him. been riding ever since. only street for 3 years.
  7. Start young, they will be much more skilled.
  8. I started at 25.
    7 months ago
    I'm 26 now
  9. Wait till he ask for one, then he is ready.

    As for me, I haven't started riding yet, maybe in a year or two I'll be ready.... :uhm:
  10. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    12. Then I went from a 5 HP Briggs and Stratton doodle bug/pit bike to a 1972 Honda XL250....not exactly a jump I'd recommend.
  11. I was 4, on a honda 50 , graduated to yamaha 60 mini enduro a few years later.

    First thing i did in my last marriage was buy the step kids some dirt bikes. Just good family fun, and possible future motorcyclists for life:mfclap: The oldest, now 20, has his endorsement after taking the Idaho STAR program.
  12. Bikes weren't even on my radar screen 'til my Mom's rich friend's son gave me a ride on the back when I was 7. INSTANTLY hooked--and all I could think of was how badly I wanted my own, and not to be on the back again, as it somewhat terrified me, but the overall thrill of the ride was much stronger than the scary feeling of being on the back.

    Back then (1965) what passed for minibikes were the rigid tube-framed, lawn mower engined affairs in the Sears catalog...I didn't care, I even drooled over them. I was blown away when the first real minibikes (Honda SL70, Yamaha Mini-trail, etc.) came out about 1969... I wanted one so badly I could almost taste it. Even if my parents could've afforded one, no way would they ever buy me such an extravagant took saving up from doing hundreds of hours of babysitting and yardwork between the ages of 11 & 15 before I was able to buy my own.

    I begged, borrowed, but didn't steal other bikes such as Suzuki or Honda step-through POS's to ride as "trail" bikes until I got my own, so I started about age 9 or 10.

    As to the OP's thread title, I think whatever age a child shows interest should determine when you allow them to start riding, as long as the bike in question fits them well both in size and power. Too much too soon could scare them unnecessarily.
  13. My girl just turned six and she has been riding for a year and a half - has an Oset electric bike and it works great. Hand brake levers/twist throttle/suspension/adjustable throttle the Oset gets her ready for the next bike which she is asking for already.

    I have an Oset 16 for sale if anyone is interested.
    Check them out here:
  14. I started at the age of 8, and have never stopped, or not owned a bike since.
  15. Took a ride on the back of some kind of dirt bike when I was 5 or 6. Been hooked ever since. Started riding at 12 in the dirt, 17 on the street. Stopped riding for about a decade and picked it back up. Those skills you learn on the dirt crashing all the time never really leave you.
  16. I got a spanking new Honda xr80 for Christmas at 10 years old, and I wish I had started as soon as I could ride a bicycle! Your boy will be a superstar in 20 years
  17. NoQuarter#121

    NoQuarter#121 WMRRA #2 Overall Points Champion

    I don't think there is a lower limit. (or an upper limit for that matter)

    If the kid is having fun, and wants to continue riding then GO FOR IT!

    Just don't be a "little league" parent with delusions of granduer.

    There is a infinitesmal chance your offspring is the next Giacomo, but odds are they are just another average chode.

    I had the pasion to ride all my life.
    My first ride was at age 10 on my best buddies new XR75.
    I was jealous as you can imagine.
    My parents hated bikes, no support there.
    We used to bicycle up to Burien Honda and sit on the little bikes and just be annoying little kids.
    The staff always allowed it and even encouraged us.
    How cool is that?

    I had to save up my paper route money to get my first machine.
    I had $425.
    A brand new to me, used up old X enduro racer, nearly worn out.
    Honda 1975 MR175.
    $350 out of my pocket.
    I was 12.

    The rest is history...
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2012
  18. I wish I had started younger! I was 34.
  19. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    Full license at 14 in NM (no restrictions) and the trouble soon followed!
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